The best thing about cats, in Karen's opinion, was that they SAW things.

She had taken the family house with reluctance and protest, but the cats - three of them - she had willingly adopted.

The biggest of them, a brown-and-black tabby named Drake & with a personality to match, was follow-leading her through the edges of the family property , bouncing forward to sniff at weeds before bumping against her legs.

She knew she'd found the right spot when Drake suddenly held still.

The above was written to @LilFluff's prompt, is in my Aunt Family universe & has my former cat Drake as a cameo.

Because it's for my Boost-a-thon (That's a thing now) here - - it also has a nod to the theme "Gates & Borders."


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And you can find Karen's stories here:

Content warnings: Character failing to become pregnant. Family-embedded sexism. Magic mucking with one's life.

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