The fish had been singing all day.

There weren't meant to be fish in the little ornamental pond in Crossroads Park at all - it was too shallow; it froze over in winter.

But there they were, 7 large goldfish, singing in thick Polish accents.

100 years, 100 years,
May they live!
Jeszcze raz, jeszcze raz!

Passers-by were by turns confused, warmed, blessed, & healed, except those who spat or threw things at the fish, who were instead cursed.

100 years could, after all, be either.


The above was written to @mood's prompt, is in my Fairy-City universe & has inspiration in my cousin's wedding

Because it's for my Boost-a-thon (That's a thing now) here - - it also has a nod to the theme "Gardens"


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