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SO my "Potions and the Apocalypse" world has been worldbuilt in much the way that I've done much of my - i.e., I came up with a concept and tacked on bits as needed. Since it's all written in toot-fiction, it's got a pretty limited set of worldbuilding - only so much you can fit in a 200-word story, after all.

That being said. I generally have pictured pre-apoc magic in this world being similar in popularity to, say~

~macrame or making your own granola were in the late 80's. Some people know how to do it, some people are really into it, and a lot of people either have never heard of it or think it's some sort of weird fad.

That means maybe your cousin or your weird aunt or your parents' strange friends might know how to make potions and sometimes, when they had no idea what to get you for Christmas, you might end up getting a potion of, say, Shining Health or Improved Concentration.

Or maybe you just~

~always knew that a certain place was safe. You never skinned your knees as a kid at your local park, & sometimes that weird friend of your parents' would walk three times widdershins around the park on the full moon while chanting in something that never sounded quite like a real language.

You school was strangely bully-free after one incident your sister got into. YOUR campus never, ever got meningitis.

And all this when that friend/Aunt/cousin happened to do their chalk-a-few-letters~

~say-a-few-words while visiting you.

The thing is, the way things went, a lot of people - at least 1:20 kids of your age - had a weird friend/aunt/cousin like that. So MOST schools might have something like that; most playgrounds would have some protection runes written around the edges.

Several practitioners might visit the same playground & work their own version of the same spell around it, layering protections.~


Someone might ask "is there a doctor in the house" and that one person might answer, "no, but I have a basic Maintain Life potion that'll hold the patient for the time being."

(And, possibly more notably but then, I HAVE been watching House, the doctor or the EMT wouldn’t necessarily say “you idiot” but would instead ask a few questions about the potion — school of the caster, the grimoire it came from, and so on).

Et Voila. Pre-apocalypse magic in my Potions in the Apocalypse 'verse.

The above thread was written for (promoted by @Shutsumon on Mastodon & check out her threads on the same as well):

If you have a 'verse or 7, pick a topic and post a thread every Wednesday (I won't tell if it's a bit late, say, mid-Thursday) about your worlds.

This one was about my "Potions and the Apocalypse" world, which you can find links to here -

Any questions? Please do ask! I love questions about my worlds & worldbuilding!

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