Okay this is going to be FUN!
Today's is a setting I dreamed up for my incomplete 20...18? story The Jeweled Pomegranate , which could loosely be described as
Academics Having Adventures
+ Magical Items
+ Forced to Be Together (via said Magical Items)
+ A Ruined Wold.
So! The Ruins! In a time Before, the world was hit with a series of what are now called subside-ances - pretty much semi-magical sinkholes big enough to swallow, say, the Smithsonian.

That is... almost all I know.

I know there are universities with research professors (& grad students) who they send to explore in these places, either for "grave robbing" (they're not inherently graves) or information acquisition, and all that grey area in between.

And I know that magical items *definitely* exist.

Oh, and that money exists.

So! I'm asking you: ask me questions! Help me work on this world of... exploring a previous era of the world!


@aldersprig how do academic politics enter into this? Are there some researchers who get better funding than others because of connections or previous publications? How vicious do people get about defending pet theories? What data manipulation scandals have there been? How many fake artifacts have been exposed, and has there been someone whose career was wrecked over an accusation of fakery that was later proven false?

@aldersprig hmm...
* Were these subsidences the first, or was it merely the most recent occurrence in a cycle?
* What's been the most well known discovery to date by one of these expeditions?
* Assuming these university expeditions are well run, properly documenting things and trying not to be destructive; how big an issue are slapdash looters.
* if the answer to the prior was, "Yeah, no, the official expeditions are little more than looting parties," How much objection is raised?

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