Aileen almost missed the end of the world.

She was huddled in the spot she liked to hide when the weather or the social climate of the streets got too bad for panhandling: a deep doorway alcove in a dead-end alleyway blocked by a dumpster that normally smelled only of flowers.

The owner only opened the door twice a day & never minded if she was there; he sometimes slipped her a spare sandwich or, oddly, a rose or a daisy.

She'd been sharing her sandwich with an alleycat when~



~the cat streaked out of the alley yowling. A moment later, the sky turned black; heartbeats after that, it lit up with countless sparkles in every color known to humanity.

A breath later, the cat - no, 4 cats - 6 - returned, every cat she'd ever fed, protected, shared warmth with, climbed on top of her, yowling, mewling, until she could see nothing but fur.

The flash that lit up the sky next blinded millions of people, but Aileen, shielded by cats, survived just fine.

The above is part of my Potions and the Apocalypse series/World, is in honor of , and is prompted by @Teryl_Pacieco's beautiful Caturday cat stories.

It's also .

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Pay it forward, always.

Thank you for sharing.

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