"Shit, there's vampires now."

Fey was never going to live that down. It was dark; they were doing the final warding & cleansing on an area near their new headquarters; she'd been up for at least two days, been pushing magic of 2 sorts AND pushing a broom and scrub brush for most of that time. And overhead were flying shapes with wingspans wider than her shoulders.

She could've been forgiven - if CJ hadn't been with her, it probably would've been forgotten.

As it was, the joke ~

~lingered in their little crew
for weeks, for months, trickling on for years. After a while, Fey stopped minding.

CJ had her cats, but now, Fey had her bats.

They went out at night to guard the city, passed their messages by chirps & sang spells in the same way, voices bouncing against wards in vibrating squeaking song.

Sometimes, new people to the group asked if Fey was a vampire.

She & other old-timers just smiled, now. She was a creature of the night, & that was close enough. 

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