"I am going to need a new way of doing things."

When the dust coated the streets & the monsters rampaged, Heia tracked down Burr.

Burr'd been brewing potions underground since she & Heia were in school. She had all the books, knew all the tricks, had a lab in a sub-basement that made big corporate set-ups look like kids’ toys. She’d had suppliers all over the world.

But planes, satellites — everything was down. Heia found Burr staring at her notes, looking mad & desperate.


"I," Burr repeated, "need a new way of doing things." She looked at Heia, a flash of fire in her eyes. "Tell me one thing you need. One."

Heia, overwhelmed with needs, grasped for just one. "Lungs. Clearing lungs."

"Okay. Lungs." Burr kept talking, but her words were half in Latin and half in nonsense. Heia caught "the base principles of air..."

She sat down with her knitting. Burr would come through. It might be a while, but she always came through.

The above is part of my Potions and the Apocalypse world & series, and is a result of the most recent poll!

If you like what I'm doing here, you might check out my and , my webpage and, of course, other TootFiction here on Mastodon.

Thanks to @vicorva as always for her continuing cheering of this setting!

A partial link list of my Potions and the Apocalypse setting, as well as other tiny fic, can be found here:


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