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Lyn Black-Cat πŸŒ™ @aldersprig

All right, guys, someone on has to have a wall calendar (like, one page a month) for sale, yes?

I need a 2018 wall calendar, work-safe. Send me your links.


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@aldersprig This reminds me that I have some calendar ideas that I want to make... but I always think of them at the wrong time of year (that is, after January, but before September).

@aldersprig @Curator
my friend (not on masto) made one featuring their OC!
shipping is expensive to USA because it's coming from Europe tho.

@aldersprig I think Sylvia Ritter(?) has one, where's that handle...

@sylvia_ritter Very awesome and very very pretty, thank you.

@InspectorCaracal @aldersprig very pretty, but also pricey, what with international shipping. :/