Okay Planeteers and Mastonauts!
What am I writing next?
Marriage of 5
Thimbleful Posts
Hurt Hurt Hurt Comfort
Apoc Bingo
Addergoole Tales
The Hidden Mall
Purchase Negotiation
Kael’s Tower
pick a number from 1-18 please?

is my weekly prompt call, and “Thimbleful Posts” is updating that site.
Hurt Hurt Hurt comfort is pretty much what it says on the tin.

Apoc Bingo is a bingo card of apocalypse-related prompts I’ve been working my way through.
Tales is currently a story set in my DARK fantasy boarding school about parthenogenesis.
Organize is actually just working on organizing my writing files
Glee, also , non-dark - Fairy kids, Glee Club. Hijinx


The Hidden Mall:
Abby & Liv were just trying to get away from bullies. They didn’t expect a secret 2nd mall.
Purchase Negotiation: Leander is not in a position to negotiate, but he’s not sure he wants this “job.”
Kael’s Tower: She meant to pull herself away from the world for a while. She slept 1000 years. Now what?

Novel: Eva has inherited the mantle of the Aunt, the one who holds the power in the family. Now all she needs is… everything else that goes along with that.

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