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Hello and good evening! Afternoon?
What shall I next?
Apoc Bingo
Addergoole Tales
The Hidden Mall
Kael’s Tower
Blog Post
Rowan Story
Marriage of 5
Cya Stories
And/or pick a number from 1-21 please!
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Desmond’s Climb:
Desmond woke up wearing a collar that spoke to him.
Things have only gotten stranger since then.
Spoils (of War):
She didn’t want to be fighting. Neither did he. Now he’s surrendered to her.

He was hired to kill her. Now he’s been trapped into saving her life.

: A small society on a big island at iron-age technology level. What do they talk about?
🌱 🐄
Marriage of Five:
An attempt to build a marriage system with strict marriage roles.

Lyn May-Flower 🌼 @aldersprig

Cya Stories:
Cya Red Doomsday runs a city 50 years after the post-apoc.
How did she end up there?
He’s had a crush on a man one of his personalities slept with once, back before the world ended.
But they keep running into each other…
Addergoole: A Ghost Story:
As if being sent to a magical school with mind control wasn’t bad enough, they’re being haunted - both by the past and literally.
All she wants to do is pay her taxes. Is she ever going to get there?

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