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Lyn Black-Cat πŸŒ™ @aldersprig

While in the training, I worked on…
The Basic House description outside
One Sunny Cafe description, inside and out
The interior of the Thrift Store.

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@aldersprig oh hey do you want to pick an address for cassy's house?

@InspectorCaracal Ooh good idea. Where did we determine … ALDER. Sec.

@aldersprig but what is the street address >.> ### Dogwood St, e.g.

Intersections have two blocks touching them, I don't actually know where to put it just from the intersection πŸ˜…

@InspectorCaracal *realizes she should go add that to all the landmarks* <.<

@aldersprig I totally just misremembered her address as 303 Douglas & Adams. >.>