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Lyn Black-Cat πŸŒ™ @aldersprig

Suddenly want to make a new setting (high fantasy, furries) help... Wait, that's not a new setting, that's the oldest of my settings

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@aldersprig *ponders a moment* the winged cat people?

@aldersprig *grins and sticks the star on work badge*

@LilFluff actually πŸ’‘

That may be the way to handle Catizzia (I was 4, okay?). As a high fantasy alien story.

Which means shaking out which parts of 4yearold!Lyn's world-building I want to keep

A 4 year old's world-building Show more

A 4 year old's world-building Show more

@InspectorCaracal We had a really, really complex roleplaying world, Pat and I, and I remember parts of it.

@aldersprig I THINK that might be when I read Lion Witch Wardrobe?

@InspectorCaracal Pat is where my abandonment issues may have started <><

I… Oh. I explained that to the steering wheel, i was just pretending I was telling you <.<

@InspectorCaracal OH HEY did I ever tell you about the friend that dropped me in a trust exercise?

A 4 year old's world-building Show more