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Lyn Black-Cat 🌙 @aldersprig

Sometimes when my brain is doing little anxiety things and making my heart-rate do weird things , I find myself clapping a lot or … flapping my hands? I mean there’s no other word for it.
The best is a stick though. Or a butter knife or anything like that, that I can wave super fast in the air and get a whooosh noise.

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@aldersprig this is commonly known in the autistic community as stimming

@InspectorCaracal wow, “can neurotypicals stim” is a giant search compost pile.

@aldersprig ...don't do that >.>

stimming is basically just, an action done to create a specific stimulus that helps you maintain mental and emotional stability

@aldersprig anything that autistic people do is something that neurotypical people can do too, since austism is a developmental thing and means that there are things we DON'T develop, not that there are special things we DO develop.