Spring is coming, so we’re doing on our 140-year-old farmhouse. And renovations cost money!

I’m going to try a primarily Mastodon-based prompt call for fundraising.


The way it works:
Leave a prompt (in a toot or on my blog)

I write a toot worth of story to that prompt.

Want more story? Donate or Patreon-ize me.

Boosts appreciated.

For every 5 prompts I get for my Prompt call, I will post a picture of something in the house that needs fixing or renovating and a little story about it.

Prompt me!
Any prompt, any person, on the theme of REBUILDING, RENOVATION, RENEWAL, REBIRTH

The angel had been looking over the headstones of children in a lovely side grove for ages, until vandals had done what time & weather couldn’t and broke the angel’s wings & arms.

I spent hours with the angel, repairing the damage until she looked nearly new, filling in old worn-down feathers until they looked ready to take flight, fixing a finger long-missing.

When I returned, the angel was standing in front of the grove, a sword she had not had before drawn.


@aldersprig here's a prompt: a fallen tree growing new shoots.

The tree was ancient, the sort of monster that managed to live through a convergence of luck and good soil, best placement and the weakness of her neighbors. She had sucked up all the sunlight for what seemed, to the younger trees, like miles. And she had, in turn, sucked up lightning blasts.

It had been the last one that killed her, cutting through old scar tissue and toppling her in a crash louder than any thunder.



For years, the younger trees stretched up, up, grabbing all that sunlight that the ancient tree no longer claimed.

And then, to their horror and surprise and joy, they saw that she was growing again.

From the stump of the ancient mammoth tree, the mother to half the forest, there came a new sprout. And into the great clearing left by her old body, she grew up, up, taller than she ought, nursed by her own body, once again claiming the sun.

@aldersprig The Apocalypse is over, we survived, now what do we do with this massive shelter complex?

“There is no such thing as being over-prepared.” That was the motto. I suppose it let us survive, while many people, MILLIONS of people, did not.

The thing was, we needed maybe 1% of our preparations, & we needed them for maybe 4% of the time we thought we would.

We saw a disaster coming; we thought it would have long-lasting consequences. Both of those things were technically accurate. But there’s a lot of wiggle in technicalities.

TECHNICALLY, a disaster DID strike. TECHNICALLY, its effects will be felt for 100s of years.

But it struck silently and with no fallout, lingering disease, or property damage, nothing but the ashen corpses of those who didn’t
find sufficient shelter. It left us a complete infrastructure and enough people to run it.

We survived. Now what to do with the shelters, food storage, & bunkers?

We’re turning it all into a theme park.


@aldersprig Renewal and rebirth makes me think "phoenix," so... "maybe the next nesting site should be fireproof?"

“Come on.” Phoerin was still in hatchling-squeaking. “It’s not like I did it on purpose. It’s not like you didn’t do it last time!”

“And I’ll do it next time.” Phoellia toed at the charred remains of their nest with a foot-claw. “Although my last rebirth wasn’t so… spectacular.”

“Come on, I was an EGG, you can’t blame me for what I did when I was an egg!”

“I’m not blaming you. I’m just saying that maybe next time, we take my idea and go with a stone nesting site.“


It’s time for and, thus, it’s time for a prompt call!

We’ve got a lot of renovations to do on the house this year, and those cost money.

Prompt me for free; get more fic for dollars.



Leave a prompt

I write a toot worth of story to that prompt.

Want more story? Donate or Patreon-ize me.

Boosts appreciated.


For every five prompts I get for , I will show you another pic of something in my house that needs or just plain fixing!

and every $1 donated to the renovation fund ( )or pledged to my ( ) gets you another toot worth of story!

If I reach my first goal - $50 towards door hardware - I’ll pick three renovation fics and write 2 more toots on them!

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