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Simply because an author writes erotica does not mean they want unsolicited salacious advances.

There is a line between what authors write and who they are.

We should treat everyone with respect.

Turn Around_
a story of the Bear Empire’s cyber future
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The idiom for the day is: where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The wordcount goal is: 400 words.

So on Lunch I made a new “on lunch” sign for my door.

A story of the Aunt Family
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Amused at the way I described my Bear Empire for my January Patreon prompt Call -

TL:DR - a magic-infused chilly arctic empire at, surprise, chilly terms with its southern neighbors. Marriages can be “line,” “stepped”, or “clowder.” Magery is good, sorcery is bad, and Mother Bear watches over all of us.

This is the printable set - she has this page and another one free monthly for newsletter subscribers.

2018 Wordcount at the moment

3/4 a million words.
and 18.

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