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Lyn Black-Cat 🌙

It’s Thursday! So it’s time for another !

*pokes site* I /said/ time for another prompt.
*rustle rustle*

Ah! There it is!

Ahem. As I was saying

It’s time for a PROMPT


The idiom for the day is: live on the edge


The wordcount goal is: 300 words.


So, turkeys are a bear to get a of, esp. on a cheap phone camera, but here are three from last night as I got home.

That was a fun way to kill twenty minutes. <.<
and - “Rage” for my current WIP, The Family Power (Aunt Family, for those who know my settings).

So, if you happen to need a Coli familiar, esp. a Mire one…
Talk to me.

My current “hack” for and hitting the wordcount goals I want with the “writing this session” not showing

* Words in 4TheWords doc
* Words to one goal
* (in this case, words to a slightly smaller goal)

and then for bigger monsters

1300 = words to beat monster
6 = number of battles max (no less than 200 words a monster)
The squares - number of words and number of battles I’ve fought
Everything else autofills down to “words/battle I need at x number of battles”

I have some really good titling things here in my files

( @Wsteria @InspectorCaracal )

my for the novella thing I’m doing. This is how I’m doing the outlining.

So I’m doing pretty well (For a certain definition of well) at getting covers for all my projects in , at least the ones I’m working on currently.

Only two to go...

Taller Fences
A story of and Haunted Houses, now on for patrons.
Nothing really good came of noticing the strange in the world, not in a world with fae in it.....

Does anyone want to take some of the new apparel off of my hands?

See? She looks so SAD about being a vampire.

Reasonably, if I’m going to do , I should start with one of these… suggestions?