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uh huh 19-22 #dailysketchchallenge
only (counts on her knuckles how many days are in may) 9 days left? whathefu
#mastoart #sketch


Sorry, I usually try to link the actual source but this one didn’t offer a proper source.

This was posted in a friend’s Brain Health server and I needed to read it and i’m posting it here because. Uh. Reasons.

Okay, room for 1-2 more things to write tonight.
What’s next?
break the Chains
Thank You Stories
Kael’s Tower
The Hidden Mall
Purchase Negotiation

Big shout out to those of you who start to question who you are and what you're saying because the people around you just don't fucking pay attention and make it seem like you're the fuck-up.

Kiss the eel-friend 💋 / I also wanted to draw something for #Mermay, not my usual style so it was a fun challenge 🐟
#mastoart #art

@GhostlyMuse Np. Those books also have a lot of really good History of Appalachian Life in them. Just uh, don’t wiki too deeply into the early editor guy <.<

@GhostlyMuse This might be a dead end, but you might check out the early Foxfire books (back of any used book store by hippies, or the public library). IIRC, they had stories of traditions like what you’re describing worked in with a lot of the “this is how my granny did things” homesteading skills. (when Granny did it without power or running water or any modern conveniences).

It’s that time of evening where you tell me what to write!
Edally Stories
Climbing Out
Rowan Story
break the Chains
The Portal Closed
Stranded and Winter
Thank You Stories
Fae Fetishists

@InspectorCaracal NVM my masto was just being stupid found em... Nope

Ooh, after close to a year there's a new What If posted. "What if there was an Earth-Moon fire pole"

@JordiGH @DialMforMara Dunno if you’re asking M or me but Olivia was definitely a stand-in for me.

man, where would I get the characters for “” in my bio?

Target: Bully
A story of the Aunt Family, now on Patreon for all to read.

you know what could be cool?

If sometimes when you’re watching an “old” Youtube video, it showed you an add from when the video came out originally.