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Lyn Rose & Thorne 🌹


*taps mic*

Good morning Planet!

Hello to federated space and time.

Greetings to the witches and the wolves, the kitties and the glitches and the socials.

Hello to octagons and other shapes. Hello, bonjour, hola!

@InspectorCaracal There, one Frizi of Love of a book for the Library

Mrrf. I could probably write 2 more little battles if I didn’t have to think too hard at all about them. @InspectorCaracal halp?

Yeah that’s like 12K words a day. I don’t think I’m getting there

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Okay, what am I writing next?
Cya Stories
Kael’s Tower
The Hidden Mall
Cloverleaf Descripts

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@InspectorCaracal oh, I meant, 200-damage monsters, the love Frizi.

@InspectorCaracal Trading out the accessory from a luck-heavy one (golem necklace) to an attack-heavy one (fan)