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No kids, but couch. Show more

I like this line in this crossover I

“If you let me know where you’re staying, I’ll be back to get you - and your friends-”

“-and Malfoy,” Ron muttered.

“-and classmates in one week. That’ll give you a chance to do a little sightseeing before classes start.”

Today and Yesterday’s #FreeFiction on my blog Show more

video games were invented in 1975 by video kojima when he tried to make a movie and accidentally added Buttons

@Anke *algorithm.

Pinterest sometimes suggests things for just the wrong board.

@qwertystop *laughs* I know, I shoot myself in the foot with that one. Two completely different Sheens.

This story I is complicated by Sheen refusing to remember the names of his new teammates and this part of the story being in his head so it’s all “the wizard” this and “the muscle” that.

This is one suggested for Cya that just..... got the altorithim wrong

I cut my paladin's iconic locks for the first time since WotLK. I haven't been able to log on yet lmao.

#art #mastoart #oc #warcraft

Do people do Potter’verse ‘sonas?

I am contemplating who me-as-I-am would be in the Wizarding world.

Monthly Patreon reward for ijustwannafloat on tumblr of her clown oc, Serenity!
#mastoart #clowns #patreon #illustration

Just posted my first #Tutorial video to my $3 #Patreon backers! It's a little six minute video talking about curls, how to draw them, WHY to draw them, and ways to work them into mandalas :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

I’m sort of wondering which of three people/groups are going to figure out that Kael is from the past first.

@aldersprig robes with pockets for any gender 2019

Which is to say, what the heck were the movie makers thinking?

Okay I thought I was done but this one is too pretty not to share - one more