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@viciousviscosity Looks like "could" comes from "cuรฐe" which was the past tense of the ancestor of "can". In the 14c., The ending changed to just -d and in the 15c. the -l- was added but it's ahistorical probably by influence of the other two.

"Should" comes from "sceolde" which was the past tense of the ancestor of "shall" and "would" from "wolde" which was the past tense of the ancestor of "will". In both cases the -l- was originally pronounced.

Beauty-Beast 30: Ctirad
Ctirad and Timaios deal with the aftermath of Ctirad finding his memories.

@RemindMe in 3 hours to spend at least 10 minutes drawing maps or covers.

Someone remind me to post Beauty-Beast and A New Life/Kaelโ€™s Tower tonight.

early morningโ€ฆ
no different
rises slowly

RT #Anthro More #Patreon reward art. This one is for the character is spellslinger mage type. I didn't intend him to have such a Vampire Hunter D feel. It just sort happened.

Hi everyone! I did some posts on Patreon today.

I'm trying to keep my patreon content different and separate from my blog posts.

Today we're talking about Judex, and how the Judex film serial was responsible for both the modern american super hero and the narrative style adopted by modern TV.

It's good stuff.

#patreon #onedollarpatreon #media #freemovie #silentfilm

today's post is about people's responses to me while i'm biking:

( four years ago, it was, hilariously, the same thing: )

i swear i'm not referring to my old posts with this run of dailies; just that i have tendencies towards the same sorts of feelings in these annual cycles, i suppose!

you can support my writing here:

#writing #readhere #blogpost #mastobikes

Todayโ€™s prompt is up!

Take a look and write a few words!
The idiom for the day is: cake walk.

The wordcount goal is: 400 words.

Official #yarn and #thread emoji are definitely going to happen later in 2018. Huzzah!


(Forgot the link the first time, sorry)

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