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"So in your relationship, who is the dog and who is the cat?"
"How antiquated. We are both obviously dragons."

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My favourites tend to be ALL of the citrus (bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange...), cinnamon, clary sage, vanilla, honeysuckle, peppermint, tea tree... cedarwood is pretty good. 🕯️

I cannot stand patchouli. Get that $£!@ out of my house. 💢

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Hello. My name is Archadia. I am a Fluffle who loves the sour (and not the sweet ones) and I don't want to eat the last one…

… so it will sit there forever in the jar because I don't want us to be out of pickles because, I mean, gods… that would be terrible.

I just want to call out @BlackRosettes because she can feel like crud on toast, but still make her friends laugh and be happy.

Anyone mind sending something nice her way?

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Status: Defragmenting Craft Supplies
Please leave a message and I will get back to you.
[OK] [Cancel]

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Trash Gryphons!
#fantasy #art

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Then there was fluff, and it was all soft cuddles, and no one got anything done and that was OK.

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We often talk of how people are rude on the internet, but in person, it's worse. Show more

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Purrrrrrrr I love getting things done. ^•^

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Suddenly the desire to flop on a gigantic number of Bernese Mountain Dog plushies and just kinda flail around.

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You are a fine, good critter.

(Don't worry, non-furry folk can be critters, too. All you have to do is possess a capacity for sensation and volition. This includes machines, humans, fairies, and the smarter and more ambitious sort of plant.)

Awkward British doorway encounters, chapter 11:

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Some people are just well-suited to helping their friends move.

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