console: press X to pay respects

PC: press F to pay respects

TTRPG: roll a d20 to pay respects. ...1? alright, critical failure, you fart super loudly and shit your pants. everyone at the funeral hates you

Took doggo for an extra long walk this morning, enjoying the sunlight and blue skies while we have them.

more doodles, this time I played with glitch brushes along with the colorize function :'3

this is the only remotely semi-planned drawing of a character I've drawn this month yet

inspired by videos of people throwing slices of cheese at their cats

can't believe my potted meat still hasn't sprouted.

Last winter was really wet and mosses love it 💚

hoping to have a rubber stamp made with my patreon hamster mascot. can't seem to make up my mind between these two designs though! what do you guys think? A or B. #mastoart

I’m kin with the v̸̗̭̪̈́̔͘͝ ̷̟̭̇̈́͝ō̸̧̺̺͉̊́̇̚ ̷̛̠͍̘͍̩̈́̊̀̒I̵͎̠̫̻͇͍̗̎ ̸̨̘̰͈͚̆̎̅͘d̸̢̪̫̯̏̾

it rains neon on jupiter and sailor soldiers are extraterrestrials

She sang to the spiders to weave her armour of silk, to the wasps to forge her a blade of paper and barbs, to the beavers to build her a chariot of birch bark and aspen, and to the wild sows to pull it.
She never asked the larks to sing her vengeance song, but they do.
#Cassoland #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

cast your dirty socks onto the floor so that they may tell you your future

A dreamer and their holographically-rendered dreams, who are programmatically incapable of observing their dreamers. Normally dreamers are holo-camouflaged to outside observers as well, but this one's got a big ol' crack in their dang rendering orb! #relatable #tfw #pixelart

soft fuzzy tiny stinky BABY BIRDS Show more

I just posted this on twitter with a bad link BUT:

Job Satisfaction is my webcomic about freelance demon summoners, a celibate succubus, and dodgy exorcisms in a weird alternate 1960s. There are also pigeons! I just started reposting the archive on Smackjeeves:

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