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I keep meaning to re-introduce myself but haven't had the energy for more social interaction... but, if we were mutuals when I was @Heliodora, feel free to follow me again!

Okay, folks, I’m going to be away for a few weeks


Going to try meeting a professor today and finally find out if I have an advisor or if I’m sitting out this semester again

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It is not exactly new story and I am not sure if this made the rounds in fediverse but a few days ago #archiveofourown won the hugo award on best related work. We have a huge #FLOSS community here but we don't talk nearly enough about this project.

#ao3 is an unique opensourced project that is not male dominated and also not started by people who were fulltime engineers but fans who decided enough is enough and we need to own our servers.

Congrats to Ao3!

#fandom #womenswork

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Hand screen painted
trouser socks
and velvet gloves


For this I will wear trousers again

Steins;Gate is really confusing but I finally found the manual so here’s hoping

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everyone please stop making your websites do so much client-side


@Anke ...omg I never noticed

Vale do Silício = Silicon Valley


Okay, had a real meal for the first time in days

But now I need to lie down for a while >.<

Finally feeling well enough to get out bed!! Had a shower, now going to figure out what to eat and hopefully go to the library soon

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Rabbits yawning are great because they look as though they are screaming. Behold:

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#emojirequest O Loro José com a toca verde do Link e escudo/espada.

Deve ser meio difícil então n levem mto a serio kkkkk :louroJose:

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There’s a fly in my bedroom and it won’t let me sleep

Imagine watching anime for men, though, wtf

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