Again... he'll yeah I love DS9: Deep. Space. Nine.

(photo by friend who still uses friend face)

cc @bgcarlisle

> The plan to mine the world’s research papers

> A giant data store quietly being built in India could free vast swathes of science for computer analysis — but is it legal?

Okay but think about the kinds of conclusions that an AI would draw if you just threw the entire scientific literature at it

All your speculative and unplanned ad hoc subgroup analyses that your statistician never okayed beforehand; all the bias inherent in academic publishing

I'm ... sceptical

It’s a hot hot hot hot day in parts of North America. If you’re like me, your only access to cooling at home is something like a struggling window unit.

Libraries can be cooling stations if you can get to one. And they mostly won’t kick you out. They’re a place you can be and not buy anything. Keep safe if you can. 💜💜💜💜

Introducing Leda Tremblay, she is about to witness an act which will forever change her as her neighbor calmly applies nutella to her hamburger... in The Twilight Zone.

Ellen: so I heard you really like ds9
Me: yeah?
[dozens of Jem'Hadar soldiers decloak and slaughter the entire audience in seconds]
Me: oh my gosh Ellen you didn't

Cryptids TL during working hours: :angery: :blood_luster: :blobwizard: :watchgoose: :pikasurprise: :piss: :hhHHHAAAH: :cj: :be_not_afraid:

Cryptids TL on the weekend: :fatyoshi:

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The revolution looks like responsibility.

My small dog chomps carrots like a fruit bat chomps fruit. I can’t. 💜💜💜😭😭😭

Bless his heart this student doesn’t know that waving to a bus doesn’t mean “please pass me by and have a good day” ... it means “notice me and stop thank you”

Hot and sticky but enjoying the new weird bus route while a bridge near me is closed.

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oh gosh, I found an amazing retro site with flower borders...

and sparkliness

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