One thing I greatly appreciate about Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha's work is that she reminds us that people who are unlikable or unfriendly or grumpy and also disabled don't not deserve care just because they aren't popular enough to have strong networks of support.

Relying on personal networks, friendships, and essentially popularity/likeability is not sufficient for everyone.

They might be mean or grumpy. They might be exhausted. They might just be too disabled to easily form friend groups and support networks of their own.

There is a LOT of blessing that comes from networks. Disabled people are damn good at showing up for disabled people. But that can't be the only options we have.


(she also had an amazing story about a network of people keeping someone on a ventilator alive during Sandy's power outage by taking his batteries to a place they could be recharged.

Her point ISN'T that networks are amazing or a narrative of heroic action ... her point is that it took awareness that this person needed ventilator help and then sustained, repeated, coordinated action to make this work.)

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