I think I'm going to try using @cynthianconspiracy for a while. I've been poking around for a few days… not sure what I think of the locals yet, but I just imported my followers list over there, and if I like it over time then this place will probably become my secondary.

Posting both so people know it's legit and not an imposter, and so anyone who wants to follow both can. :-) Not that I feel like I have that much to say, but.

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I had a half-asleep half-a-nap. I feel kind of like a skittish cat who doesn't know how to cat properly and is so wary about actually sleeping that she can't quite go all the way to sleep.

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There's also an “Autotaphoklopy” enchantment for weapons which allows you to retrieve items lost from death by killing monsters, and an “Erythrophoresis” enchantment which lets a weapon analyze a mob type over time to eventually craft a spawner of that type from. All WIP.

Draft textures for a mod. Actually this is just part of a packmod right now because I'm disorganized, but this part of it has gotten elaborate enough that I probably want to make it into its own mod later on. Ledger of in-game death statistics which you can add different pages to. imgur.com/a/J4xljnR

Layer names when doing :

“Background” (never actually used)
“different stuff”
“titley but less so”

I am messy at this…

Why did I choose so many items with sharp three-dimensional angles to try to draw pixel art for for this mod 😵

I'm trying to figure out how names of entities get translated in death messages if you're running a dedicated server and I'm getting this feeling that at least in 1.10.2 they might… not be

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