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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob@tootplanet.space

tired: Dwarves hiding bags of holding so they can magically pull impossible things out of their beards

wired: Dwarves hiding bags of holding to contain Tom Baker scarves length of luxurious chin hair (up to 500 pounds worth)

One thing that is amazing about watching is that they are inexperienced gamers. They make /terrible/ plans. It's like watching a slapstick comedy but it's their real plan.

"Let's make a hole in the bottom of the boat!"

Legit question: is yeast vegan?

Don't you hate it when moustach hairs get caught in your night guard?

Holy crap! Molly vs Caleb rap battle?

What an awesome world we live in


ooh a new legacy version of Betrayal at House on the Hill

Hey! So, like if you are in the US, consider voting if you haven't already

/grumbles/ going bald. I liked my hair

In D&D a resurrection spell requires the use of a diamond worth 1000gp as a component.

Plot idea: a death cult develops a way to make cheap synthetic diminish and floods the market causing the bottom to drop out on the price of diamonds, dropping their value well below 1000gp and preventing ressurection

to be clear, I still buy tacos but I would also buy tacos if they were samosa tacos

Random thought: I would totally buy tacos if they were filled with the same buttery spicy potato filling that came in samosas

There is a hawk just outside my window slowly spinning his way up a thermal

Question: are full cloaks considered business casual?

Latest art for the Hopeless Vendetta- The Kourney of Faith by Keith Errington- You can read it here, if you like- wp.me/pzmwa-fV #art #hopelessmaine #steampunk

A reminder: If you happen to live in Texas early voting started today.

ok, seriously. It has to stop raining eventually.