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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob@tootplanet.space

I was trying to get some pop-tarts out of the vending machine and accidentally punched the code for fig newtons.


I thought fig newtons were against the Geneva Convention

@Anke What do you call a game where Germans throw bread at each other?

Gluten tag

The office is nearly empty today. I'm not sure what's going on. Is it a holiday? Zombipocalypse?

Reading a writing prompt on Reddit. Butter is referred to as "cattle froth".

I think I may die.

Huh. Apparently on the street directly below me, construction workers breached a 6" gas main about 2 hours ago. They evacuated the building across the street and I was obliviously eating a ham sandwich at my desk?

Ok look. If you can't figure out how to monetize your site without loading it with ads , fine. I'm not going to look at them and I might ad block them, but or the love of Larry, can you at least make sure the fucking ads load quickly and properly?

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Got soaked to the skin getting to work this morning (umbrella critical fail). Still damp 2 hours later :(

Hmm... fall into a 90s hole. Ran across a cache of Blut Engel videos an flashed back to VLARP days.

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So, if you want to understand how nerdy I am, take the example of how I cheated at D&D last Saturday by using abilities my character didn't have. Why did I do that? Because I conflated the character in the game I was playing with the character /I created in my head to play on /

As in, while I watch the show, I am actually playing a character with them in my head. He's got back story and a full character sheet (that exists only in my head) and the whole nine yards.


Remember: no CR tonight, they are live from GenCon on Friday at 9EST

If we ever travel thousands of light years to a planet inhabited by intelligent life, let’s just make patterns in their crops and leave.

I forgot breakfast so it's vending machine pop-tarts. Bleh