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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob@tootplanet.space

This is my favorite part of the day; purring kitten on my lap, ice cold soda and new anime episodes

Just out of curiosity, at peak relatives, how many blood relatives did you have?

Listening to foppy pirate Adam Ant, the best of all possible Adam Ants.

depressed about US politics Show more

I made it in. I think that should count for something.

So, the roomie is watching Arrested Development in Spanish...

There ain't nothing as depraved or desperate as a cat on the 'nip

But then they realized that people emerging from sea mammals was a terrible way to pick kings and allowed that the existing king might not like it so the crowd broke up, muttering. But some friendly folks got the sailor some new, non-fish-smelling, clothes and bought him a beer and some stew.

And he never had to eat potatoes again.

The End

@daHob That’s close, although I think that’s Schrodinger’s Cigar. It’s not actually written by Schrodinger, but by a woman named Amelia Bassano.

Now the quantum CAT, that’s what says that any cat must be purring, unless used as a symbol for fog.

@daHob oh! see, in Lit circles, the Traveling Salesman problem is how to have more than one but less than three people at your protagonist’s funeral, where the Domino problem is how to have the game piece you hang on the wall in act one knock down the antagonist (by knocking down the candlestick, which upsets the cat, which claws the policeman) in act three.

@daHob I believe you’re thinking of Shakespeare’s 159th Sonnet, The Delivery Way.
Hyre thy stoat yon wykid /wain./
en azure ‘blazed with thy lord’s /stain/…

The Dominoes line was found in the much earlier /Beo-zza./

Nerd life: I am engaged in a very serious argument with my D&D group as to whether people can polymorph into T. Rexes

meh, I want to be playing a game instead of working.

I hate having to wait for more episodes...

New anime season; loving "Death March into Alternate Universe"(or something like that) and "Darling in FranXX"

And then our battle with Yuan-Ti pirates took a turn for the worse tootplanet.space/media/NjA33Sh

Werther's acquired for Old Temmic to hand out to the other players tonight