She bounced up on the wall, Crit! With a dragon slaying sword! Using Precise strike! She grabs a handful of dice and they clatter to the table; 54 points of damage.

I'm thinking, "well, the dragon is going to start to un-ass the area before he dies"

"Ok, here's my second attack."


She grabs the same pile of dice and drops them again.

Dead. It started her round with over 100 hit points.

I've never seen anything like it.

@daHob I was in a party of 2nd-level adventurers facing down a 160-HP boss surrounded by minions.

We got a bonus round because we basically kicked down the door.

The boss did not survive the bonus round.

@daHob (also, my character is a Deva invoker, so he started said bonus round being dragged backwards while prone)

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