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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob

Sometimes I feel disconnected from the world. Like I want to tell my co-workers about how one of my players completely murdered a black dragon in my Saturday game, or the cool new anime I found last night about a game developer that got sucked into his MMO, but they would at best give me polite smiles. It doesn't help that I'm pushing 50.

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@daHob man I didn't talk to my co-workers about my interests and hobbies, I mean, they're not friends? That's what you do with friends. Co-workers are for work chat, current events and the occasional philosophical digression that makes them slowly edge away.

@InspectorCaracal but I don't have a family or watch sports ball or go to church. Not a lot to chit chat about.

@daHob *looks at that, back at my reply* ... work and current events? People? Asking questions about their things?

@InspectorCaracal Sorry, you are correct. But it still leaves me feeling adrift and disconnected.

@daHob ah, I don't have any suggestions there then. Sorry you feel that way. 😓

@InspectorCaracal no prob. It was mostly me shouting at the wind.

@daHob no advice on that, but did you catch lay season's Knights & Magic, or as I was calling it Mecha Otaku Saves Fantasy Land. The setup is essentially game developer dies and is reincarnated in a fantasy world that has magic powered giant robots which he sets about turning on its head through a combination of treating the magic as programming and an utter enthusiasm/obsession with mecha. The season apparently condensed the first few light novels it was based on.

@LilFluff YEah, I was about halfway through that? This is a new show that is only on episode 2. Caught up on Black Clover and finished off A Sister is All You Need.

@daHob which one's the new one? I've been distracted by some of the old shows that have made it over to Crunchy. Rewatching Gunslinger Girl, going to finish watching Martian Successor Nadesico, hoping Str.a.in will show up soon.