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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob

@InspectorCaracal You guys seem to be buzzing on your MUSH. Is it a personal project or are you planning on opening it to the public?

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@daHob I am planning on opening it to the public! But I am also not planning on that being for another couple of months. Still have a lot of work to do. :3

@InspectorCaracal oh yeah. MUSH building is a major undertaking (if you want to make a decent mush)

@InspectorCaracal Are you going to have like an RPG system underneath it all, or is it all freeform RP?

@daHob I think somewhere in the middle but leaning towards freeform. My goal is "you can RP whatever you want but we'll give you the tools to make it more immersive/realistic"

@aldersprig @InspectorCaracal /nodnods/ I saw. I have played on so many changeling MU*

@daHob there are a couple systems I definitely want to set up though which are going to be Tricky. Sanctity, at the least.

@InspectorCaracal sanctity? PReventing folks from entering places unless invited?

@daHob Specifically preventing faeries from entering other faeries' homes unless invited, yes

@InspectorCaracal not toooo hard. Each fae can set a single room as "home". A master object listens for people entering any room. If the enterer is fae (has a specific attr) and is not on the +invite list for the room, it emits some stuff and teleports them back to the room the came from.

@daHob most of that is what I had in mind already except the master object part, which I don't think I know how to do. 🤔

@InspectorCaracal you should make it so you can only +claimSanctuary for rooms you own, though.. otherwise people could troll with it

@daHob @InspectorCaracal … Lol now I want to write that story. Like a squatter.

@aldersprig @InspectorCaracal @daHob "Hey, it's not my fault you didn't properly lay claim to your living room. But I'll grant you transit rights through to the kitchen if you recognize my claim."

@InspectorCaracal /remembers/ there should be a master room (set in configs?) that effectively can hear anything in any room?

Alternately, you can make folks make their room inherit from the master Sanctity object?

@daHob I don't know how to listen specifically for someone entering. >.> I was beating my head against that for ages earlier for a different problem.

@InspectorCaracal * has arrived.
I think?

You could also put a filter, or lock or somethign on the exits? There is a way to determine who can go through.

@daHob Yeah I've been toying with variable locks but so far I haven't had much success finding something that'll do what I want. I hadn't thought of doing it partly through inheritance, though, that's an idea...