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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob@tootplanet.space

And then our battle with Yuan-Ti pirates took a turn for the worse tootplanet.space/media/NjA33Sh

So, the GM says:

Silence the ancient being at the apartment building.

I also get this as a set of glyphs to set the adventure tootplanet.space/media/LcPZrvH

So we had a Christmas arty instead of gaming yesterday. Drinks, food, Die Hard. In the middle of Die Hard, Chip said he was stepping out to grab a gift card from Half Priced Books and asked if anyone needed anything. I said, "yeah, grab me a couple novels"


My favorite part of our family Christmas was that we had a box of chocolate covered cherries. tootplanet.space/media/LZTcIEb

What is your favorite holiday thing?

Careful, if you aren't good you might wake u with this under your tree tootplanet.space/media/TlKTlt5