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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob@tootplanet.space

@InspectorCaracal True, but salt is also anti-magic (used to disperse and cleanse). It is and is not. Salt is god!!!

@aldersprig I do wak up occasionally and see them parked in a corner of the bed. Sometimes it's just the glint of eyes in the dark, so I assume it's them.

@aldersprig Nope! They are actually really good abotu claw management because they are good boys. Just having a cat sitting on me for a long time hurts. I can also barely sleep as it is.

@aldersprig The cats have been acting weird.. er they always act weird, out of character, lately. Anyway, Sobek decided he wanted to sleep on me the other night. So about 3 AM he repeatedly climbed Mt Hob despite me kicking him off. I nearly kicked him out of the bedroom.

@LilFluff I thought it was supposed to make money (for certain select individuals)?