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Hob, Slayer of Bugs @daHob@tootplanet.space

@Leucrotta is disco a force for good or evil in this universe? Kung-fu roller vamps?

@aldersprig I have occasional heart-attack moments because of the feral cat colony that lives in my alley. All related to and looking exactly like mine.

@aldersprig Hebears the blue within blue eyes; the mark of the geriatric spice Melange

ok, seriously. It has to stop raining eventually.

@LilFluff is no a friend so much as a brother in arms

@nuhn @InspectorCaracal For the record Cal, I consider myself a Well Wisher, in that I wish you no specific harm.

@julia so, what I'm hearing is no werewolf boobs?

@noelle ignorance is the first step toward knowledge

@InspectorCaracal I may be especially sensitive since I have build both better and worse sites.

@InspectorCaracal current example is I'm trying to get into my ATT account because my cell phone is really dying and I really need to look into a replacement. The site design is painfully bad.

@InspectorCaracal half the sites I go to, I just give up and go somewhere else after 30 seconds of waiting for it to render fully.