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I fucking knew it. King of the Hill was actually modeled after the suburb of Dallas I grew up in.

SO, on Saturday we were gaming and I was trying to fix the set up or the remote player. Someone joked around by drawing me on an index card to distract them, but the drawing of me didn't have any hair on top.

I think I have to just gracefully accept the bald thing at this point. :(

(Yes I'm being productive at work. Why do you ask?)

Ack, got later than I thought. heading out. If this is too spammy or something poke me and I"ll stop. I'll save the game for another night.

no! He's trying to trap Jack by luring him with innocents!

Ok, what is the Gun Saint all about?
oes the Gun Saint know Jahoel want to save Zophiel


does the gun saint know what is wrong with zophiel

No, and...

he thinks he does

No, and...

he thinks Jack does

No +Event: Adjourn / The innocent

Security systems

Hmm.. so I'm thinking he's going to try to lure Zophiel into a trap using innocent bystanders as bait. On the waterfront (looking at the glyphs). But he needs to get Jack out of the way first

Someone is in my way to get to Zophiel. I generate:

Weapon master

Solemn gunman who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to compose the wealthy, process technology, and acquire propaganda; who speaks of knowing reputation and is focused on your rewards.

ok.. squinting at that... a Gun Saint, like Roland from Dark Tower, but he's been left behind in Twilight. He want's my rewards. He wants to get to Zophiel first n an attempt to get paid by the Jinn (in illusionary coin)

Jack swallowed. "Yeah, " he replied. /Everyone/ knew Zophiel. The angel that, if the stories were right, got kicked out of Heaven for being too violent.
Jahoel quickly added, "You must do this or I will see all those that you care for laid to ruin, their houses laid low, their pets-"
"Hey! Ok! Ok! Lay off the threats Joe. I'll see what I can do."

Because he knew that Jahoel wasn't lying. He meant every threat and Jack was pretty sure he could make good on them.

"Need," the man corrected, "I need to you save someone from the lies that bind them."

"Yeah, I'm going to need some more specifics here... who are you?"
The man indicated himself, "I am Jahoel, son of the Desert, Jinn. And for what you must do, you must find what power is corrupting Zophiel. You know her?"

The man spoke as elegantly as his dress would lead you to expect, but with an implacable accent, "You are the Truthsayer?"
Jack nodded allowing as he was.
"I need your help. I have nothing to offer you, for one such as me can only deal in lies. Any payment I could offer would unravel at your touch. But this thing must be done and only you can do it."
Jack eyed the man, the man who sounds like trouble, "What is it you want me to do?"

He was a young looking Arab, sharply dressed with a Rolex that cost more than Jack would probably live on for the next couple years. He didn't look overtly dangerous, but Jack tensed up anyway. The man's dark eyes reflected an inferno that Jack couldn't see. And that /wasn't/ an illusion, he was sure of it.

For the most part it still looked like the city, but the buildings were older and shabbier and emptier. Not much lived in the Twilight. Not much you wanted to meet anyway. One of the shadows between buildings lengthened unexpectedly, resolving itself into the shadowy form of a man.

Does Jahoel try to threaten me into helping

Yes, and... +Event: Desert / Opulance

The park frayed along one end, letting him pass through into a pocket of Twilight. A forgotten bit of reality that sort of got shuffled off to the side some time ago. Or maybe in some time yet to come. It didn't really matter.

Jack was trudging across the park with his hands full of plastic grocery bags. It was grey and cold but not so cold he couldn't handle it. He hid inside his battered green field jacket. He needed to hurry or Sammy would chew him out for bringing dinner late. She was a vicious matriarch for twelve and the only reason the kiddos let him stay with them is he did the shopping. Most errands, really. The Lost Ones mostly survived by being unseen.

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