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LET'S END THE WORLD TOGETHER. Runaway Londoner befriends a seamonster. She's trying to save the world, he's trying to end it, they're on a roadtrip across the UK in a small car with a big dog.

WITCH OF THE WESTERN ISLES: When witches start dying on a small Scottish island, cat foster-mum Iona summons a demon to help her survive. Has ice skating, time magic & ladies falling in love.

GODSBLOOD: Buncha reckless teenagers tryna punch Celtic gods so they can be gods too WOO.

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A quick run down of my current projects:

ALL THE BROKEN THINGS, my 'twisted sci-fi Twilight'. Scottish-Indian giant robot engineer Anna is dealing with a monster-stalker problem. Out on sub to publishers

Works in Progress:
DIVIDE THE SKY, hella gay fantasy set in Purgatory. Soft Yorkshire lad Tyler wants to fix the world and a demon with a snappy dress sense is up for helping him, but Tyler's homicidal ex-boyfriend is trying to ruin everything. (1/2)

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! Cannae resist a good bandwagon. This year I'm going to create SO much more art, and I'm experiment more with colour.

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Hey spacetoots! I'm Emma, I'm a bi Scottish writer, and I've got an awesome agent repping my 'twisted Twilight' sci-fi book about giant robots, monsters and Scottish myths. I'm editing that book right now, and learning roller derby.

Proper agile software development makes a development team (not just the programmers, but every worker involved) more powerful relative to the enclosing structure of the organization.

This creates tension in a commercial context: an autonomous self-organized team 1) can use their proximity to the problem to solve it better, faster, and cheaper, which is obviously valuable; but 2) can better resist decisions imposed from above, which is a threat to the organization's control of its employees.

Waiting every day to be cancelled but it isn't going to happen. I'm too strong.

tired: test driven development

wired: documentation driven development

"you can't unionize because we're already paying you enough, peasants. also if you do unionize we'll go broke" eat shittttttttt

Gentle reminder to not mock people for being excited about trying something new just because it’s well inside your comfort zone. There are so many valid reasons someone might just be discovering it—it’s never too late. Be excited for them!

#AprilFoolsJourney is a challenge to get your creative juices flowing! We have committed ourselves to this journey in April 2019. Inspired by the 22 tarot cards of the Great Arcana, we set out to learn new things.
* You can select the Great Arcana card each day corresponding with the day,
* or you can randomly draw a tarot card as a daily inspiration!
There are 2 ways to participate:
* Sketch, draw, do digital art or paint inspired by your card of the day, >

for posterity so that we may never repeat the horrors of our past

Now that i'm settled in back home, check out this amazing commission I got from Royalty at FE!

I really really really really hate pranks and practical "jokes" so enjoy April Fools' if that's your thing, but please don't include me in it. It's a huge source of stress for me.

Consider CWs or only tagging friends who enjoy it or maybe doing ~pranks that aren't potentially hurtful, anxiety-inducing, or cruel? Thanks in advance!

I finished the last of the commissions I took for my aunt!
It took a while because of some irl things, but I love the outcome and so did the client!
#art #mastoart #creativetoots #Commission

May Bite, my tabaxi bard for @Pyretta's :dnd: game! By FleurDuNuit (I don't have their handle :( )

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