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LET'S END THE WORLD TOGETHER. Runaway Londoner befriends a seamonster. She's trying to save the world, he's trying to end it, they're on a roadtrip across the UK in a small car with a big dog.

WITCH OF THE WESTERN ISLES: When witches start dying on a small Scottish island, cat foster-mum Iona summons a demon to help her survive. Has ice skating, time magic & ladies falling in love.

GODSBLOOD: Buncha reckless teenagers tryna punch Celtic gods so they can be gods too WOO.

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A quick run down of my current projects:

ALL THE BROKEN THINGS, my 'twisted sci-fi Twilight'. Scottish-Indian giant robot engineer Anna is dealing with a monster-stalker problem. Out on sub to publishers

Works in Progress:
DIVIDE THE SKY, hella gay fantasy set in Purgatory. Soft Yorkshire lad Tyler wants to fix the world and a demon with a snappy dress sense is up for helping him, but Tyler's homicidal ex-boyfriend is trying to ruin everything. (1/2)

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! Cannae resist a good bandwagon. This year I'm going to create SO much more art, and I'm experiment more with colour.

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Hey spacetoots! I'm Emma, I'm a bi Scottish writer, and I've got an awesome agent repping my 'twisted Twilight' sci-fi book about giant robots, monsters and Scottish myths. I'm editing that book right now, and learning roller derby.

they just announced season 3 of she-ra will be released on august 2nd

Seriously considering becoming a two dog household despite the massive financial implications of having a second dog ahhhhhhhhhh

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:blobcatpeek: Support an independent author?

For every book I sell, I pet my cat and say 'We *did* it!'

My librarians-and-necromancy fantasy is out now.

If you want, you can read the first three chapters for free here:

:blobcatpeek: ok bye

I play star dew valley in real life, and it's called gardening

This also explains why some non-HTML markup syntaxes use underscores for denoting italics.

This coding course I'm doing is using Sherlock Holmes books for its first test project, and it keeps making me think of best admin @InspectorCaracal

YO OKAY GUYS, how have I been both coding and writing for over 11yrs and I'm only just realising that HTML is hypertext *markup* language because it's based on the *markup* language used by editors to suggest edits to documents

Submarine Cable Map is A Good Website™ (shows you all the undersea cables around the world delivering you this here good internet experience)

@emaree that's a good way to get book nerds to become computer nerds lmfao

Online Course: "You can imagine a web server as a giant library that's open 24/7"
Me: okay okay okay nice nice niiiiiice

[Source: Course is]

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this comes up every few months and is just unnecessarily alarmist bc its just that they need the rights to be allowed to display your stuff online and thats all theyll use them for

literally seen this for every possible website that hosts user created content


!!! this is a PSA to artists who post their content on tumblr !!!


i like to call myself a NPC because i Cannot Be Played

Reading the Agents of the Realm comic for the first time after backing the Kickstarter, and daaaaaang it's really good. It captures the bright, colourful, musical world of magical girl anime SO well in webcomic form.

@emaree What we thought was autotuning was just the side effect of her voice trying to settle into its new form.

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