Reading this great article about "UX Trends for 2019" (slightly clickbait title: it's less trends and more bigger ethical questions around how the industry is changing).
The suggested guidelines for creating 'calm tech' really caught my attention as something I'd love to see more of.

I'm completely in love with this article by a Shopify illustrator about how companies handle diversity in their visualities.

Points tackled include:
* You can't just make everyone purple and call it diverse
* It's not just diversifying job roles, but actions. Who's pointing at the whiteboard? Who's explaining? Who's giving objects?
* Body language. Who's looking away? Who's making eye contact?
* How many of these problems start with a design team that's not diverse

@emaree this is extremely cute and a great idea -- and I say this as someone who has recently discovered an irrational fear of yetis.

@emaree that's fuckin' ingenious. Kudos to whoever designed / implemented that!

@emaree you are kidding me i am so overjoyed by this i am going to watch it so many times

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