YO OKAY GUYS, how have I been both coding and writing for over 11yrs and I'm only just realising that HTML is hypertext *markup* language because it's based on the *markup* language used by editors to suggest edits to documents


that's awesome!

the connection had been sort of latent for me--I first learned both a long time ago (genx yo)--but only recently it occurred to me it might be a useful historical progression to teach, particularly for the digitally overwhelmed


oh, and it wasn't just for edits, but for typesetting--mechanical typewriters only had the one typeface style, for instance, so one needed a way to indicate on a typewritten document how to set italic, bold, small caps, etc

a manual of style would then help fill other gaps

@emaree that's one of my favourite xkcd comics.

Reminds me not to be one of those people that mock others for not knowing something.

@BrokenBiscuit Same. It's honestly changed so much about how I treat people and treat myself when I don't know something. It's a powerful piece of art.

@emaree every day is a good day to be part of the lucky 10000

This coding course I'm doing is using Sherlock Holmes books for its first test project, and it keeps making me think of best admin @InspectorCaracal

Good job! You figured it out 15 years faster than I did, and I only figured it out because you told me. 😀

@emaree I thought it was based on SGML (which in turn was based on GML) o.O

@polychrome Seems like that's a bit of a contention point -- Tim Berners-Lee was working in SGMLguid but he invented HTML out of frustration with its limitation (and HTML5 has scrapped SGML entirely).

This also explains why some non-HTML markup syntaxes use underscores for denoting italics.

@emaree i mean...i'm a former tech writer, who used both all the time for years...and yes, this 😂

@emaree "why <thing>? fk it, not important, busy now, will research if important" - my life as a tech writer

also, i just plain didn't get it until now. :) i'm good with this, but...yeah. sighs, lol

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