Hey Mastodon, here is a quote that I needed and maybe you did too:

"WRITE IT BADLY. Write it badly, write it badly, write it badly, write it badly. Stop what you’re doing, open a Word document, put a pencil on some paper, just get the idea out of your head. Let it be good later. Write it down now. Otherwise it will die in there."

— Brandon Sanderson on overcoming writer’s block to create a first draft as a professional author

@emaree :'3 Thank you so much for sharing this. This is the entire reason I started a blog recently on tumblr. I just did this today, which was really helpful.

@ayachan I'm glad this helped you! You might like Positive Doodles on Tumblr, it's one of my favourite blogs on there:

@emaree I've been stuck on an introduction for over a month because it was never quite perfect. I gave up on writing the perfect intro to my chapter this morning and accepted that it would be shite for now, but figured that at least the chapter would be complete

@guigui3000 YESSS GOOD ON YOU! It's very easy to fall into the trap of tweaking the first page/chapter for agggeees, you've doing great by recognising the trap and moving on.

@emaree this is good advise. I've been hurt by that before as well...

@emaree also applies to art too

lots of folks ask stuff like "should I try to draw this thing I know I can't right now or save it until I'm more skilled?"

the answer, of course, is the former. you can redo a bad work later when you're better, but you will almost never revisit your old ideas that never left your head.

sure you'll be able to execute them much better after 3+ years of training.
but by then they'll be long gone.

@Vann I really needed this today, thank you! I haven't done much art at all this year and I miss it... I would love to have more 'backlog' pieces that I could redo as my style changes.

@Vann @emaree Putting it off until later also ignores the fact that you GAIN those skills by doing it badly at first.

@emaree @shel I agree with this sentiment but *bites back snarky comment about Sanderson*

@emaree I needed this quote this morning. yesterday I wrote ~1500 words of a story I've been kicking around in my head for ages now and it's definitely...low quality lol.

@balrogboogie You are 1500 words ahead of me so I am SUPER proud of you! Keep at it!


I spent a summer where my "job" in the morning was to write "it" badly.

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