for 6 months i've laugh at portuguese memes but now i want to learn the language. sadly i have to wait till summer because i don't have time during the year :(

I am in need of motivation. If you have some to spare do not hesitate to contact me

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"Ah, claro, aprovechamos el concepto de crecimiento personal, que habla del crecimiento del espíritu, y lo violamos para hablar del crecimiento económico de la persona. Así hacemos la mierdasimil de que la espiritualidad y la situación económica de cada uno van en línea".

Mira ¿sabes lo que te digo? Eres un hijo de puta.

Why is the bus that goes to my town full of tourists. I'm confused

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The earth is unsafe to exist on because of a few animals that have big toys instead of big hearts

Just finished today Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, and the feels...

Friendly reminder that I have a vaporwave-related telegram channel!!!

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#fosdem #vlc madmen hats are here to stay ... and this is going viral ;)

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