I'm looking for a new flat and it makes me really nervous. So many decision to make and quite some luck involves. I'm usually bad at both... 😅

Yesterday I did write a creepy event series for my experimental interactive fiction.
It was fun and I still like my "just write what comes to your mind" approach so far.

It is defenitely not quality writing 😅 but it is a good exercise to not be too judgy to myself before an idea had a chance to take some form. It has a somewhat similar effect as rapid game prototyping. But instead of showing if a game mechanism is working, it does the same for story elements.

First week of work after vacation was quite relaxed. I did some level prototyping and enjoyed working on a dripstone cave level

Buuut... I'm still glad that it's weekend now :D

okay okay okay the next time in a TV show/Movie I see someone walking slowly across the pavement and all you can see is high heeled pumps and trousers I want it to pan up to be the Manly man and not the tough Lady.

- At least one new line (that's not much, but it makes it more likely that I keep it up even on bad days)
- Don't break the loop (which forces me to keep it simple instead of adding 100 choice options, which lead into the void)

As a framework for it, I created an basic interactive fiction gameloop with .
which makes it easy to add tiny little story fragments.

- Each day you chose a place to go
- Select an activity
- Experience some (semi-)random event
- Activities and events can check for and chance some basic stats and give/take objects

Setting: Postapocalyptic fantasy

I decided to ignore itch's game jam recommendation to "finally finish something".
If I think about finishing stuff, I tend to start to feel hyper perfectionists and it prevents me from even starting...

Instead of this I'll try to write every day some little thing, to get some interactive writing practise and have an opportunity to get all this wierd ideas out of my head:

Today's weird dreams 

cat content 

Today is my last day of a two week vacation. I did not as much of my creative free-time stuff I wanted to, but I had a good time playing games, relaxing and recharging.

I have mixed feelings about tomorrow, though. I love my work, like the actual work. But being in a big, open, sometimes rather loud office, around people who like to approach and disrupt me quite often, is soo draining

One day I have to convince my boss, that home office is actually a good thing

Hello Planet and Fediverse!

I'm a queer game dev, who sometimes transforms into a monster (but they are mostly friendly and have their own account in the fedi :blobcat:)

I work as a level designer, but also like to tinker with my own games/prototypes, trying to improve my art, writing and coding skills.

I'm rather shy, but I'd love to meet more creative people here.

I also love roleplaying a lot. And cats! Especially this little old weird one, who happens to live with me.

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