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i could've spent the last 45 minutes doing something originally creative, but instead i decided to hammer out what would make a subpar continuation of a nostalgic fave work better.

what even is my sense of motivation.

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hm. i thought.... when i first joined Mastodon, I got to see *everything* people i followed posted, including when they @'d people i wasn't following. which is how i found a good number of the people i started following after the initial 10ish i started with!

but that's... not showing up now? or maybe it doesn't happen for outside-instance @'s. either way, i am confused.

The thing is, the draw of trending topics is "what are people taking about?" and there's no good reason that needs to be "what are THE MOST people talking about?" when it comes down to it.

A simple "recent hashtags" solves that problem without the "try to get a hashtag trending by spamming it" issue, and it mitigates the problem of people dumping a ton of unrelated hashtags onto their posts in order to make them "more visible" by only adding one hashtag per post.

hey i have a question- i got mine like 3 months ago, and i think it healed fine, but now there's a couple of white bumps on one side of it? they seem almost like tiny pimples or something but not quite the same. anyone know what's up with this? should i be worried?

......imagine if BotW had Zelda-spirits around to point out danger, placed there by players
(Cause she's kind of telepathically guiding you already, a little)
(So kind of like Dark Souls notes but with no bloodstain equivalent)

It'd lead to a lot more different interpretations of Zelda, as many as there are Links, based on the frequency and type of note you found.

"Bartender" came on the radio while I was coming back from dropping roommate off at work in C.'s car, and wow that cleared my mood up a lot?

still a little eeeeeeehhhn, but not quite as bad as before.

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honestly though i don't think any bit we do on my podcast will ever make me personally laugh so much as when we tried to figure out how the drug economy works on the Macross last time.