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Work's nice tonight actually. I keep getting shout-outs over the radio and I got an easy section.

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this movie will be:
-stop-motion musical
-del Toro directed
-Jim Henson Company produced
-written by the Over the Garden Wall writer
-and a couple of other things that're neat but that i don't care about so much??? (Bojack Horseman's animation company is involved iirc and Fantastic Mr. Fox's director as well)

i am just hearing about Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio movie and

the announcement for this has been out for 4 months and *no one told me*???? clearly i am not living my most authentic life

welp. there was a (licensed-to-an-indie) zelda rhythm game announced

guess it's time for me to git gud at necrodancer so i'm ready when that releases

there is nothing funnier than giant salamanders they look exactly the way the word "slorp" sounds

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I'm working in our office section again so I keep hoping I'll see those tapes misplaced but. No luck.
(There is a set of three that's super pretty??? But I wanted All)

Final jeopardy category: best picture winners.
No way I'm getting this.

Jeopardy is on in the break room. Round one score: 17/30. I got more than half!

You know, those tapes i've been looking at have been on sale for close to a month now.

And then I decide to get them. And they're gone by the time I get back in today.

What the heck lol

I've never bought washi tape before so I have no idea how much it's supposed to cost and we have some on clearance at work. Is 5.48 usd a decent price for 15 rolls? (Various patterns and thicknesses)

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(If there was *one* webcomic I could make sure had finished...)

One of those nights where I really wish 9th Elsewhere hadn't disappeared/forever hiatused

*wow* The Kamen Rider Build movie was hella gay. "Partner", fusion powerup, "love and peace kick"...

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