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Shameless self-promotion! Please support me at one of these!

Writing blog and Patreon:

Animation podcast and Patreon:

A day off!!! Huzzah!!!!

Hoping for a bit of a mental reset today so I can go back to splitting my days between project!work and work!work tomorroe

Turns out that was the old version of the break sheet. They updated it to 7 and 9, much more sensible

According to the schedule sheet for today, my 15 minute break is at 7:30... and my 30 at 8:15??? What????? Why not make it at 9?

C: "hey how much are these storage things at your job?"
Me: "does the brand matter?"
C: *no answer like an hour later*
Me: "Depending on brand, anywhere between 12-50"
C: "brand is (x)"

Cue headdesking while reminding myself that he is very considerate and thoughtful and smart in most cases

I was scheduled for sales floor today, we're busy enough I've spent half my shift as a backup cashier. What the heeeeck

tip for people with multiple accounts on the same instance: There are browser add-ons to turn a tab into a "container" that does not share cookies and such with other tabs, so you can be logged in into different accounts in different of these tabs.
The one for Firefox is "Multi-Account Containers", the one for Chrome is "Session Box"

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7 more hours and then I finally have a day off!!!!

I am. So worn out. Gotta learn to say no to switch shifts sometimes.

oops it's 1am

well I listened to a bunch of good music and drew a couple lousy sketches trying to get a feel for drawing younger Leo when he's being, like, normal, so yay? bed time

There's a bit of discussion going on in my PR for my soft-follow/auth feature, if you want to take a look or have any input.

I want to request that you *not* comment if all you want to do is voice support, although I appreciate the support, and add a 👍 etc. reaction instead.

However! if you have some concrete input on the issues being raised, I'm sure it would be appreciated on both sides.


Kamen Rider Zi-O is surprisingly sincere? More on the goofy side, but "guy finds out he's going to become an evil king, so decides he's going to be the kindest evil king ever" is... It's an interesting but goofy premise, to say the least

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Oh hey, I forgot I drew this.

Three different existing castings of Sherlock Holmes, sketched, with cat ears.

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Some stuff for re: my instance's fork: feature branches, yay! Merge these branches into your install if you want them.

- local-only
Adds an additional privacy option of Local, which only sends the toot to the Local timeline and local followers.

- softfollow
Option to approve a follower without sending them locked toots. Instances without the feature fall back to rejecting the follower request.

- rp_tools
Currently just has roleplay-voice styling.

Watching Pitch Black for the first time since I was a teenager, and just. Damn what a good movie??? Intense writing, good characterization, a bucking of common tropes that put me off a lot of movies, good cinematography (though the first third has?? odd???? editing?), and just a good concept.

Hey everyone, especially and my Planeteers, I've got a request!

I recently 99% finished a Mastodon feature to allow follow requests at two different levels, giving follow requests three different options: Authorize, Semi-Authorize, and Reject.

I picked the "filter" icon from FontAwesome (see image for example) for lack of other suitable ideas, but if you have a better idea, please let me know!

(Code is here: github.com/TheInventrix/mastod - thread below for more details)