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Hi, I'm Kat! I and , though neither as often as I'd like, cause Working Life.

Milennial; queer; play lots of video games, mostly ; i love background info about media, how things work, dev stories, etc., though i might not understand all the technicalities!

(i do not update as often as i should, apologies)
Polycule chart:

I should follow :beecat:'s example and go sleep

Don't wanna, but should

Oh also someone remind me tomorrow to get an image to request cal to make cheerleader link an emoji, i keep forgetting

After revisiting the Terminator movies ahead of the new one's release-
I prefer the first one, C. prefers T2.

I feel like this might say a lot about us.

it's very cool to me that you can take the pins out of a lock, look at them extremely magnified, and tell from the scratches if they've been picked recently (as opposed to just opened with keys)

not useful for security obviously but it is useful if your insurance company says "you're telling us someone picked the lock? convienent. you just forgot to lock it"


today started out good and then got really stressful when i got home for no good reason and i haaaaaaate it

Recently i've been doing a thing of

"This is really silly but *opening up about important emotional stuff*"

And i'm not sure if it's a new form of internalized downplaying my experiences
Or if it's just me trying to let someone else know it's fine if they don't wanna address it
(Or both)

One of my friends has dragged me into the trashpit of "isekai where the lead becomes an otome villainess" manga

Which means i'm looking at manga in general again
And wow i'm glad a lot of my guilty pleasure character dynamics still crop up often

It might be a bit silly but i really do feel like, between the nsp concert and the mlp finale, this weekend was... idk what to call it, i guess a very spiritual experience?

I feel tired but rejuvenated and v genuine and maybe scrubbed a little raw but more polished than i was, and ready to tackle the end of the year.

I haven't mentioned it lately but i really am glad for :tootplanet:

Being here the last two?? years has really given me room to relax and be a little naive, a little more chill again, a little less guilty about stuff i love, and reminded me that having multiple social circles is a good thing actually

And it's all because Cal chose a silly name and made s very pretty theme <3


like, i am not nearly poetic enough to describe it properly, but

it wasn't a warmth, but it was comforting, and stunning, and was the point in the concert that i started crying because i just felt so full of everything in those couple of minutes

so one of the things about last night's NSP/TWRP concert is they played Starlight Brigade- apparently the first time they've done that one live?

and it's a powerful song, with powerful animation, and I love it and it's really inspiring and I know a lot of my friends latched onto it

and like. it was awesome and wondrous to be there, and know it was a milestone, and to not just feel the song, but feel the *music* of it, *physically, resonating through my chest, along with the hope and splendor

(honestly i wouldn't be this attached if adv had stopped at volume 1, but *no*, they had to publish 2 volumes, and the end of volume 2 is when what i presume is the main antagonist gets introduced. and then there's 6(?) more volumes that never got officially translated)


i will have the money to pay someone to track down copies of the More Starlight to Your Heart volumes in Japanese
and translate it for me
*and then i will get to experience it despite adv's personal hatred for me*

MLP: FiM finale spoilers, shipping 

Yep, yeeeeep, the mlp finale made me cry

(It wasn't the *best* but it was still emotionally satisfying and wrapped everything up better than most shows)

Morrowind lore is hilarious.

Would you believe me if I told you that an important historical event between Vivec and Azura was played out entirely in a forum roleplay Michael Kirkbride was involved in?

Would you believe me if I told you that the roleplay is arguably canon, since Kirkbride considers it canon, and he still has tons of sway on TES lore?


Concert was fun but i am very tired
Night friends

Selfie, eye contact 

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