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My first *conscious* media crushes- as in, i knew what it was as soon as i felt it- was Max Goof.

Still not sure what that says about me but i feel like it's something lol

Honestly i wish i could just write flavor text for game inventories. Love world-building, love contributing, too protective of my own ideas to want to actually do game story writing.

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Me, yesterday: i'll finish mowing the lawn tomorrow!

Outside, today:

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Cryptocurrencies lie at the intersection of crypto nerds and econ nerds, which explains why they are technically very interesting but overall just a complete clusterfuck

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C. and i are both still sick so no going out for our anniversary.

So instead we're sharing old faves with each other. i picked stargate, he's got rahxephon.

Expect liveblogging lol.

So i can regular place in the top 2/3rd of t99 matches, and now and then hit half. My top remains 30th place.

(There's loads of girl Riders tbh but they all usually get sidelined, or are movie-only, or they share a belt with someone, or some other nonsense so if we can at least get one that's *the* second in a show i will be sososo happy)

Next Kamen Rider toy spoilers are out, it's Zero-One. (Yes, as far as i can tell it's supposed to be spelled out.)

The first secondary Rider that got revealed is Kamen Rider Valkyrie. Slightly feminine face but no exaggerated hips or bust.

Toei don't you dare be playing with me here.

Oh right before i sleep: pin!!!

Geez i wish my camera was better. The colors are all actually quite vibrant, the white parts all have glitter, and each of the cabins has a planetary symbol! Very casual fandom.

From CelestialFox ( on fb and insta, heycelestialfox on twitter), in the Dreamland set!

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