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Hi, I'm Kat! I and , though neither as often as I'd like, cause Working Life.

Milennial; queer; play lots of video games, mostly ; i love background info about media, how things work, dev stories, etc., though i might not understand all the technicalities!

(i do not update as often as i should, apologies)
Polycule chart:

FMA is a super good story that was fundamental to me and does a lot of brilliant things... but i think silver spoon is the more impactful/important work for me, so when i think arakawa i think of that first

Me: *talking about fma*

Also me: "i should reread/catch up on silver spoon"

okay so for my parents for xmas, i wanna basically give them pocket-sized bujos with custom layouts cause there's been a lot of health issues this year and i want them to have ready symptom trackers going forward

but i'm having trouble finding anything affordable that has binder rings in it???
(i'd prefer a cloth cover like a lot of sketchbooks cause i just learned a way to do custom image transfers and i could make nice covers with pics of their cats, but it's not *necessary*)

help plz

honestly growing up going to church on sundays and then also my elementary school stint in ballet class? i did my time in tights. like how someone would talk of their time in prison. there might be nice cute lace tights out there but they are a special occasion thing MAYBE and i am absolutely not wearing pantyhose in my daily fucking life. leggings all the fucking way motherfuckers. i'll wear jeggings to your wedding i don't give a Fuck.

tired: protagonist and antagonist

wired: dextragonist and sinistragonist


Frozen 2 is.... actually good??? And if it had been the first one would act as a real good take on the snow queen

i got rejected by crush

very sweetly though! he said our friendship's important to him and he's happy to still chit-chat whenever

so time to put that one back in the box

crush started because at gencon he let a friend mess with his hair and do it all fancy and i thought "oh no he's hot"

"...oh *no* i think he's *hot*"

cause that is confirmation of crush for my demi quoi ridiculousness and we've been talking a lot since then so i'm like. fairly sure of it??? and i want him to reciprocate even though i have no idea how to long-distance

i haven't talked much on here but i've developed a crush on one of my friends recently and i'm gonna... confess in the next couple of days... i am nervous aaaa

oh huh, Terminator Dark Fate is still getting showings near me??? and two of them are sold out. i am surprised

see i should probably start following harp

but i'm not yet cause i want time to scroll through her posts for a bit first

and my energy has been too low for that

-, caps 

Ciel's been such a nice fella all this week for me. He's a good

Poly power move to pull at work: Instead of choosing only one partner to ever talk about, or using phrases such as "my other partner," simply refer to all of your partners as "My partner" and allow your coworkers to either figure out that you're talking about multiple people or believe you are dating one big Super Partner about whom many contradictory statements are true simultaneously

Combined results from birdsite are 44%, 13%, 44%...

Thanks ya'll lol

one of the central contradictions of Star Wars that's always gonna bother me is,

a lot of stuff external to the films insists Star Wars is a consistent, hard sci-fi fictional universe, which is, to me, at odds with the films, right away, setting themselves up as fairy tales

So i can't decide which cover to get for my 2020 journal. Help!!!

(Pics in reply)

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