We're gonna watch bleeeeeeeeeeach I'm so exciteddddddddddddd aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have seen the first season of Bleach and the last season and a half of Bleach and I have not seen the fourteen seasons in the middle

I may be slightly off


it's about right

I've read the first eight volumes of the manga though

anyway I know a lot ABOUT bleach and I have a lot of Feelings About Bleach so I am extremely excited to experience all of these for the secondfirst time

I half-facetiously said to J, "do you think by the time we're done rewatching the series, anyone will have started airing a series of the last arc" and his response was basically "haha no, okay well MAYBE"

I mean, they DID go back and pick up D.Gray Man again, although that didn't go very far at all and I'm not sure why they did it, but also D. Gray Man was like almost a niche classic, I mean it's not a really obscure one but it isn't like Bleach, Bleach is like on the tier of DBZ or Naruto in terms of fame and popularity for pity's sake

Why they haven't gone back and picked up the Bleach anime again now that the manga is over and they don't need to worry about filler content is absolutely mind-boggling



facetious answer: they're waiting for someone to pitch doing a brand new series (the brotherhood treatment)

actual answer: probably because kubo and shonen jump don't get along and rights are tricky

@katrani that actually is a legitimate and understandable explanation but it makes me even more sad because i want to WATCH the last arc, not READ it 😭 Bleach is so much better in action

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