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Hey y'all! New episode of Not Joanna Eggs is out! Give it a listen! animationstation.libsyn.com/ep

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This is a podcast I host with @katrani where we talk about Inuyasha. We're on semi-hiatus right now, but that oughta change soon heartandcelpodcast.com/index.p

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This is my animation podcast that I host with one of my high school besties, we largely aim to review things that don't get enough appreciation. animationstation.libsyn.com/

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I feel a need to pin an , so here's that!
I'm a PhD student in medieval literature, I cohost two , which I'll pin separately. I love and all manner of . And despite my handle, I'm basically a large nb teddy bear. I think that's it.

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i never advertised it cause it's like, a new thing, but I have a ko-fi page: ko-fi.com/A23718DV

hm, is my body not reacting well to fried chicken?

this title is needlessly grandiose.

I need to finish this thing but i'm already at 7 pages and it shouldn't be much longer. ughghg. this is good b/c i should always want to be in this kind of head space but still argh.

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Just got my digital copy of Faerie Fire and just 😍😍😍 i can't wait to use this shit in a campaign

Hey techy folks:
I know there's a few Scottish folks hanging around here, so if any of you are interested in apprentice or graduate software development/software testing roles in the Moray area give me a shout.

modern philology never lets me down in terms of being good articles but they are so long-winded

You know what I miss about the Old Web?

Background colors that were not PURE SCREAMING WHITE. Every single commercially-owned site is white, white, white. White social media background blends into white news site background, nothing ever feels like it has a fundamental sense of *place* beyond a banner and a "please turn off your adblocker" popup.

people complaining about she-ra's new design are fools; she's adorable

✨🎉 IT'S LIVE! Agents of the Realm Volumes 2 and Volume 1 Reprint is officially up on Kickstarter! goo.gl/GDW8b8 🎉✨

I can't believe I forgot to post this absolute babe here

The fundamental problem of emoji, from the 'world emoji day' website:

Opted to say and do some more work and have not done enough. But I have gotten almost two pages down, so idk? success????

Can't decide if i should stay in the library after work or not. I need to get more work done but also i kind of just want to be home

I finally made a dnd character

His name is Nyght and he’s a Tiefling wizard (specifically necromancy) and he has a weasel familiar named Wulf

He’s a goth thot

#dnd #dungeonsanddragons #tiefling #oc #dndoc #originalcharacter #digitalart #usagiboii