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This is a podcast I host with @katrani where we talk about Inuyasha. We're on semi-hiatus right now, but that oughta change soon heartandcelpodcast.com/index.p

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This is my animation podcast that I host with one of my high school besties, we largely aim to review things that don't get enough appreciation. animationstation.libsyn.com/

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I feel a need to pin an , so here's that!
I'm a PhD student in medieval literature, I cohost two , which I'll pin separately. I love and all manner of . And despite my handle, I'm basically a large nb teddy bear. I think that's it.

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i never advertised it cause it's like, a new thing, but I have a ko-fi page: ko-fi.com/A23718DV

rediscovering the repeat amplify function is so good


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"Excuse me, could you put me down? I have business to attend to"

I'm seeing so many people preparing for inktober, making sketches, binding sketchbooks, discussing promt lists and getting ready to INK BIG.
But, I also hear many people being intimidated by that, being worried they won't come up with stuff for the promts and dropped out last years bc of that.
So please, remember: The core concept is, that you build an inking routine. To make it LESS intimidating.
So even if you go through inktober inking a stick figure each day -
You've done a great job! ♥️

boost if u are are impressed that Bear found the perfect resting place for his tiny little nose

We're five weeks into the semester and man, i need to find a way out of this department

my pokego app has crashed four times fighting this gym. that's... highly suspicious.

PSA for you and your lizard boyfriend

even though they're usually pictured with wine and grapes, I'll remind you that satyrs are part goat, so they'll eat basically anything

so much shit to do and no time. this semester is kinda rough

Imagine if Blizzard had made Warcraft 4 instead of WoW.

fight enbyphobia by giving ur enby pals a smooch!

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I have come up with my greatest contribution to RPGs:

Tenser's Floating Discotheque