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This is a podcast I host with @katrani where we talk about Inuyasha. We're on semi-hiatus right now, but that oughta change soon

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This is my animation podcast that I host with one of my high school besties, we largely aim to review things that don't get enough appreciation.

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I feel a need to pin an , so here's that!
I'm a PhD student in medieval literature, I cohost two , which I'll pin separately. I love and all manner of . And despite my handle, I'm basically a large nb teddy bear. I think that's it.

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i never advertised it cause it's like, a new thing, but I have a ko-fi page:

Local dog says: woof.

Breathless news coverage at eleven.

When anime-only artists get commissioned to draw furries

RT My favorite take so far.


Not to say too much about a situation for which y'all have no context, digital communication can be such a pain. I really just want to sort of know now.

oh, i forgot how much fun this section of the episode was. i'm very happy

I feel like i should be doing more with my time out of work because there's less of it while i'm at home but i don't wannaaaaa

Three Musketeers & One Samurai Girl

Damn I thought I had an action-adventure concept, but it's OBVIOUSLY a K or J drama.

When you're a nonbinary avian creature that's a Show more

Once again, I am experiencing the crime of my hair being soft with no one to play with it

Pavlov: the dogs salivate when I ring a bell

Me: weird. Why?

Pavlov: they connect two unrelated events due to repeated conditioning

Me: haha stupid animals

Pavlov: the experiment took 69 days

Me: nice

White kids' racism is a symptom of white racial respectability politics Show more

I've been exceptionally goofy for the last two days and it's been so much fun

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