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i never advertised it cause it's like, a new thing, but I have a ko-fi page: ko-fi.com/A23718DV

wondering if i should go and grab a snack before class or if i should stoke my hunger for post-class dinner

þe internet is for þorn.

... wait. 🤔

*vibrates* I wish I had a little more interest in this game, but we've got enough for a party and we're doing session 0 (hopefully) this week and i'm just so excited about it.

tried amaretto flavored creamer and ick, it's nasty

I'm just so angry. I need to go home and find a way to diffuse this.

work rant; long Show more

Helpful kitty batting away your issues! :3

I made the mistake of not showering this morning and now i pay the price

When I get tf out of here I'm taking a fucking nap and none shall stop me!

it's cool and humid out and the humidity may suffocate me

of course i now want to do a bunch of drawing w/it when i have class early tomorrow :gonk:

lord, i have not used my tablet in way too long. i am a bad.