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I mentioned it, but here's a more complete post! I'm gonna be in a short streaming series! it's called "Little Busters"! It's a streamed game of Tales from the Loop and I'm one of 15 players! I'm super excited to play with these people! Starts Oct. 10th @ 6 CST

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This is a podcast I host with @katrani where we talk about Inuyasha. We're on semi-hiatus right now, but that oughta change soon

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This is my animation podcast that I host with one of my high school besties, we largely aim to review things that don't get enough appreciation.

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I feel a need to pin an , so here's that!
I'm a PhD student in medieval literature, I cohost two , which I'll pin separately. I love and all manner of . And despite my handle, I'm basically a large nb teddy bear. I think that's it.

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i never advertised it cause it's like, a new thing, but I have a ko-fi page:

Anyways, check out this bird that was yelling when I was in my way to work

I'm rewatching little Nicky for the first time in like a decade and idk if i like it but i do love the soundtrack

They're girlfriends.

Want your own commission like this? DM me or email: KatWylderArt [at]

#tiefling #DnD #romantic #lesbian #mastoArt #creativetoots

Chuck is a very happy bunny, and he does little happy dances to show it! #bunny #binky #houserabbit

Happy Friend Day!

In Finland we say happy friend day (in Fennoswedish) instead of Valentine's Day. Remember that love for friends, family and yourself is just as important as romantic love, and it's worth celebrating too πŸ’–

#mastoart #valentine

Remember Judge Doom's plan from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"?

"I bought the Red Line so I could dismantle it!"

That /literally happened/ in the US (without the cartoon characters, naturally). Car manufacturers bought up and destroyed public transportation so people would drive their cars more.

For those of you with glasses: where is the weirdest place you've found your glasses after losing them?

Mine is in the refrigerator.


It is maybe worth mentioning that I have 5 slots on my for manuscript critiques that have nothing to do with my book!

So if you're a writer who wants objective and in-depth feedback from someone who worked both for a literary agent and a literary scout evaluating manuscripts, please do back my project at the Writer Package level (Β£30 for 30 pages)

i have a very busy schedule today, mew:
-nap time
-snugl time
i had better get to work :blobcatmlem:

i've had this image open in a tab since monday because it's such a relatable mood

Many people just cannot add alt text due to disability but if you are able to, I encourage it greatly esp given we are an image based instance. Even a simple description will suffice like (woman with black hair underwater with fantasy fishes) or (black cat paws).

Please help make this platform more accessible!

more monster of the week tomorrow, for which i'm pretty excited as we add a new player to the mix and lose track of our fey friend

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