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Bones Lobster, at your service

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I mentioned it, but here's a more complete post! I'm gonna be in a short streaming series! it's called "Little Busters"! It's a streamed game of Tales from the Loop and I'm one of 15 players! I'm super excited to play with these people! Starts Oct. 10th @ 6 CST

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This is a podcast I host with @katrani where we talk about Inuyasha. We're on semi-hiatus right now, but that oughta change soon

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This is my animation podcast that I host with one of my high school besties, we largely aim to review things that don't get enough appreciation.

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I feel a need to pin an , so here's that!
I'm a PhD student in medieval literature, I cohost two , which I'll pin separately. I love and all manner of . And despite my handle, I'm basically a large nb teddy bear. I think that's it.

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i never advertised it cause it's like, a new thing, but I have a ko-fi page:

you ever look at a photo of yourself and go, "they're cute, i looked cute!"? it's a new feeling for me and it's the best.

We're watching the old Pokémon anime and man, there's a lot about 90s anime to miss

I know I wanted to draw something else but I don't remember what. Maybe I should just keep stitching

Latest venture maidens podcast episode forced me to draw this.

In case you have forgotten, rabbits are extremely good

I'm pretty pumped that my roommate will be out of town this weekend

I met an amazing cat tonight. His name is Yuri. He chonk.

Felt like I needed to draw a tiefling post-workout, so here's that

itsy bitsy teeny weeny
yellow polka dot

i like seeing people on mastodon happy about gen 4 on pokego. I think it's a gen that doesn't get enough love.

thinking of making up increasingly ridiculous folk sayings & inserting them into conversations while nodding sagely.

"you know what they say, your never bored if you build your house on a rollercoaster"

"ah,wise is the man who does not feed stray cats"

"beware those who come bearing carrots but offering cake"

"there is more than one way to skin a cat but there is only one way to furr a cat, which is to leave the cat alone"

"early to bed & early to rise means you don't get invited out much"

ngl, i'm pretty salty about how snug this hoodie is. it's a 4xl dang it

TERFs on birdsite got my ghost earlier today, so I drew this to calm down. A cheeky Lup from

I need to get lipstick in an emerald tone and with a minty flavor

so I can be a mint jewel-lip

*trips and accidentally spills a tray of vials of The Potion That Makes You A Fox into the into the local water* Oops. Well, I guess I know what everyone will be for Halloween this year.