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lobster_writer @lobster_writer@tootplanet.space

My girl does not cooperate with the camera, but i managed to get this one

This girl is not mine, but she is good

omg! ya know what a trip home means??? bonus Kitty time!!! aw yisss!!

this classroom is preposterously nice

despite my normal car vibes, here is a dog. his name is xander and he's handsome

extremely rough drawing of my orc: Oshore

sometimes, when Freya decides i should be letting her, she puts her paw on my thigh

very happy to spend time with this pretty lady again

@InspectorCaracal this santa hat thing is great because the hat is over @Gargron 's icons face, making it look like they're taking a nap tootplanet.space/media/wmaA-jz

have i shared freya on here yet? anywho, here is my cat. she loves to talk.

the quote that blows this thing open is on page 69

I shouldn't have my own whiteboard