New episode of Not Joanna Eggs today. It's about a movie called Napping Princess. Check it out here:

Recently when someone is at the door, I'll tell my cat "get em" and she runs to the door. Just now, she stole my spot and I looked at her and said, you know I'll have to move you. She got up and walked away. She's a good beast, this one

oh hey! We released a new episode this Christmas Eve! Go ahead and listen to us talk about Tokyo Godfathers! It's a delightful movie!

Oh gosh! That's right! Little Busters, season finale, tonight! At 6 PM CST! I'll be there!! Join us on

While looking for something to watch on Hulu, this interesting thing happened. Didn't know she was an anime.

My body, for whatever reason, decides at the end of long drives that I must immediately use the bathroom. So at the end of this drive, I must have not closed the bathroom door properly because my cat shoved open the door to help at me. I love this weird howling goblin

Cleric of mystra for someone in one of my discord servers.

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