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Bones Lobster, at your service

Felt like I needed to draw a tiefling post-workout, so here's that

TERFs on birdsite got my ghost earlier today, so I drew this to calm down. A cheeky Lup from

hey hey! released a new Not Joanna Eggs! This week it's Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School! why not relive childhood and revisit this odd little movie on its 30th anniversary?

Today I'm trying to do a little more work on more dynamic or interesting drawings, featuring my Boi Sorrow

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Today's drawing. Attempting to draw one of my reindeer people

I mentioned it, but here's a more complete post! I'm gonna be in a short streaming series! it's called "Little Busters"! It's a streamed game of Tales from the Loop and I'm one of 15 players! I'm super excited to play with these people! Starts Oct. 10th @ 6 CST

i'm not sure if this is my masterpiece or if i should continue to reach for the stars.

can't seem to update my icon, so here's what i want to change it to. courtesy of @taShepard who is great and currently taking commissions!

The rain could not stop community day. Also lots of odd friends I couldn't really meet.

"Excuse me, could you put me down? I have business to attend to"

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My friend shared this with me and I feel attacked