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Bones Lobster, at your service

you ever look at a photo of yourself and go, "they're cute, i looked cute!"? it's a new feeling for me and it's the best.

We're watching the old Pokémon anime and man, there's a lot about 90s anime to miss

I know I wanted to draw something else but I don't remember what. Maybe I should just keep stitching

Latest venture maidens podcast episode forced me to draw this.

In case you have forgotten, rabbits are extremely good

I'm pretty pumped that my roommate will be out of town this weekend

I met an amazing cat tonight. His name is Yuri. He chonk.

Felt like I needed to draw a tiefling post-workout, so here's that

itsy bitsy teeny weeny
yellow polka dot

@archadia :gonk: sorry to hear it! i hope you can get your beloved penguin child soon!

@archadia have you not seen them yet? i've caught enough to evolve at this point (not all the way just to the middle form)