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Wanna see something gross? No seriously Show more

#dnd OCs man. (This is Maorith and I spent way too long working on this lmao) #art #mastoart #creativetoots #oc #elf

pretty sure my old landlord is trying to fuck me over

why they gotta do the horde dirty like this?

Finally sat down to play with #magicavoxel properly. I could lose hours to this thing, so much fun! I should've doubled the resolution but I still like how it came out. (concept Ruslan Kimt)
#mastoart #art

@InspectorCaracal one day i need to read this series you're talking about

look at this little guy! just look at him. hes adorable!!

im gonna draw it!


@katrani that sometimes happens, but it depends on the company, don't get discouraged! Second interviews are always a step forward

i did a thread on the most recent episode of The Broadswords and why I love them so much twitter.com/lobster_writer/sta

Yo what up dis my new Shadowrun OC Cybercat she a decker

thanos snaps his fingers and 50% of all disney subsidiaries disappear