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man, what if seeing a counselor were plausible for graduate students????

*licks paw* :P
*stamps paw on a paper* 🐾
*puts paper in envelope* ✉️
*emails to you*

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Kel's Law: Someone who uses "TRIGGERED" to make people's responses to their shittiness seem trivial makes that person an asshole by definition.

Bonus Did You Know?: Alexandre Dumas was a black man! His father, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, was a hero of the French Revolution and, until 1975, shared the title of highest-ranked military officer of sub-Saharan descent in the Western world, as general-in-chief of the Army of the Alps.

all of my students for my 2nd class submitted their papers on time! I have never ever seen a class do this before. I am mightily impressed and unflappably pleased!

This picture is basically me in presence of any cat.
purest nendoroid in existence


so my d&d group does like a potluck every week and when i started, i would always make sides and it ended poorly. Fast forward to tonight. I made about 2 lbs of chicken strips. I think I about blinked and they were gone.

i feel like i shouled finish this leg of the dataset tonight but ugh it's so fucking tedious

the part of my linguistics homework i'm doing right now isn't even hard, it's just tediouuus

One of our senior faculty wrote a letter to our school paper that just eviscerates everything our current chancellor wants to do and it... stunningly beautiful. I wanna buy that man a drink.

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