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lobster_writer @lobster_writer@tootplanet.space

man, what if seeing a counselor were plausible for graduate students????

*licks paw* :P
*stamps paw on a paper* 🐾
*puts paper in envelope* ✉️
*emails to you*

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Kel's Law: Someone who uses "TRIGGERED" to make people's responses to their shittiness seem trivial makes that person an asshole by definition.

Bonus Did You Know?: Alexandre Dumas was a black man! His father, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, was a hero of the French Revolution and, until 1975, shared the title of highest-ranked military officer of sub-Saharan descent in the Western world, as general-in-chief of the Army of the Alps.

seriously, i'm in such a good mood because of this!

all of my students for my 2nd class submitted their papers on time! I have never ever seen a class do this before. I am mightily impressed and unflappably pleased!

ちょと休憩(私が)。相手をするのも疲れるんだよ mstdn.nekonote.cc/media/f7NEYu

so my d&d group does like a potluck every week and when i started, i would always make sides and it ended poorly. Fast forward to tonight. I made about 2 lbs of chicken strips. I think I about blinked and they were gone.

i feel like i shouled finish this leg of the dataset tonight but ugh it's so fucking tedious

the part of my linguistics homework i'm doing right now isn't even hard, it's just tediouuus