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wearing shorts under my skirt, or "no, I am not flashing y'all, I just need to access my pockets"

is it called Modern Horizons because of the Horizon Canopy cycle

The halting problem is actually statistical error. Functions Georg, who halts if and only if the `halts` function determines he doesn’t halt is an outlier and should not have been counted.

Caption: gray cat with rainbow on his face in various poses

My sister took this picture of this fluffer today

Inside you there are two wolves.
One of them is named Toby.
That means that every day when you decide which wolf to feed you are making an important decision...
Toby or not Toby?

that's what my image is supposed to be, a starfield with a larger star

Inside of you there are a maze of two-isty wolves, all alike.

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there are two wolves inside you. they handshake and establish a secure channel via diffie hellman key exchange. a third wolf inside you is sniffing packets on the network,

I approve if so, it's nice to see Toby and Toby again after so long

inside each of us is two wolves

one is on a train

the other is strapped to a track

if you pull the lever,

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