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If i ever regurgitate propoganda please let me know i promise i will spend a lot of time re-evaluating my opinion

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sketched ec, inadvisable lab safety equipment 

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personal gender experience 

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dense introduction 



sad selfie ec 

Despite making myself quite miserable all of the time I'd like to think i make some people happy

People who are afraid of hedonism be like "do you *really* want a life full of only happiness?"
1. Yes???
2. I recognize that such a life is unattainable which is precisely the reason it does not matter how i would feel. I dont believe i should strive for enjoyment and comfort because i can or have some sense of entitlement. I strive for enjoyment and comfort because life has enough pain and despair already yo ✌

Crawling into your winter blankets box. I live here now

Me: tomorrow will be different
Tomorrow: exactly the same


m̵͘a͏ņ͡ ҉͘i҉s̶̡͠ ̨̛͟t͏̧h̀͜e ̨̧a̵ņ͡im͞a̕͡l


Distressed to discover that burt (of the bees) died in 2015.
Who has been fucking the bees since then???

Ah yes the 5 flavors, sweet sour salty bitter and ennui


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