Any Steven Universe' fans here?
I really like the way this result. The colours are very contrasting but I think it is like Garnet personality.

Really expecting Wonder Woman to be as good as everyone is saying. Still haven't read a review of an actual comic-reader however it seems they nailed it.
*Crossing fingers*

Would it be realistic making a stand-up comedy routine by tooting?

Well, technically I'll be seating and tooting everything.

Freaking out by the Steven Universe Wanted Special. I'm just... I can't even...

Being a creative force is the best we humans can do.

I am really enjoying sketching this webcomic, but opening a tumblr for it, makes me in the impersonation of lazyness.

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@notrobin *considers this*
I mean, I’m aiming for entertainment and a well-crafted story.

Honestly, it terrifies me that someone else read something I've written.

How much do you write a story (pages or chapters) before posting it?

When writing a story, do you care more about the aesthetic of your writing-style or how inspired can the readers may be because of your text?

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gamification: you get points for doing things, compete against your friends on the leaderboards

#gameification: since we all know rewards are meaningless and have shirked society's games, we cooperate to transcend the system

Nacatamal for breakfast. This is the real excitement.

People feel offended because of society and the need to find partner according to their appearance and sex-appeal, but usually, they don't realize they search their partner by the same standard. It's hypocritical.

"Yes, people judge me because I'm not that pretty, no one wants me" but also "No, I won't date him, he ain't that cute".

Star Wars.
- The Kitty Menace
- Attack of the Meows
- Revenge of the Kittens
- A New Pussy.
- The Meow Strikes Back
- Return of the Kitty
- The Cat Awakens
- The Last Meow

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I made a little lexical aid for our non french speaking friends here on Mastodon:

Hooker -> Putain
Oh! -> Putain !
Oh cool! -> Putain !
Oh shit! -> Putain !
Oh no! -> Putain !
Noooo! -> Putain !
Fuck! -> Putain !
Crap! -> Putain !
Great! -> Putain !
Holy shit! -> Putain !
Oh God! -> Putain !
Fucking awsome! -> Putain !
You fucking cunt -> Putain de connard
Seriously? -> Putain !?
Congratulations -> Putain !
I have no words -> Putain.
I'm speechless -> Putain.
Unbelievable! -> Putain.

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