Message to all the non-anglophones:

Please toot in your language as public as you want. Let's share culture. I want to read all your toots.


@notrobin YES!!

I have been trying very hard to not get very angry about people saying that only english toots should go on the public timeline.

@notrobin pas de problème, je pouetêrai donc en français :D

@notrobin pas de problème, je pouêterai donc en français :D

@notrobin Right, how am I supposed to practice my internet French if people quit tooting in it?

Continue parlez en francais, s'il vous plait, por moi.

@notrobin so I'm writing you in italian, piacere di conoscerti :-DD

@notrobin ok. Hallo, hoe gaat het met jou? Vind je het hier net zo verwarrend als ik? Best wel leuke manier om buiten je eigen sociale media cirkel te treden. Oh. Ik ben van België en toot nu in het Nederlands. Doei.

@VevaDan At first I was confused too, but a couple hours later and it's definitely the place I want to be. I'm from Nicaragua and toot in English and Spanish. Google translate does the job with every other language. Keep tooting. Adiós.

@notrobin Yeah, Mastodon just needs user scripts for Bing/Google Translate support (or OSS equivalent) and then we're good.

In the meantime, I am fine with it because it shows the beautiful spicy gumbo mix that is the Mastoverse.

@notrobin You'll soon want to "mute the french" as a wise man once said on Twitter ! ;)

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