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Nanna πŸ“š β˜•

Baby is having first nap of the day and I want to put my feet up and write.
But the weather is nice so I'll go for a walk instead. With homemade to go coffee and an audio book (Little me).

I'm so excited! Can't wait to share this text adventure with you! Even though it means the puppy is no longer needed.

Ok, I'm so tired I almost can't keep my eyes open.
I guess I'll leave it at 2/3 passages written today.
But I'm so pleased at what I've done yet. The adventure is taking form!

Baby bathed.
Toys collected and ready for wash.
Now writing the last 2/3.

Me as a kid: I can't wait to grow up, you can do whatever you want!!!

Me right now, making chicken nuggets at 12.15 AM: I was absolutely right this is dope as fuck

But I also have to give the baby a bath and hopefully wash a lot of toys. So myabe I wont reach the writing goal.

Today's writing goal is three passage of the text adventure. 1/3 down!

Thx people! I found this:

In architecture and city planning, a terraced or terrace house (UK) or townhouse (US)[1] exhibits a style of medium-density housing that originated in Europe in the 16th century, where a row of identical or mirror-image houses share side walls. They are also known in some areas as row houses (specifically Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore) or linked houses.

Hey fediverse! What do you call a row of connected houses in English?

I want to make a mom utility belt. Because women have the curse of NO POCKETS. Why can't I have pockets?! My baby have pockets. What should a baby use pockets for???

Man everyone is just ill at the moment. A flu epidemic.
Luckily we nearly haven't been touched.

Stop spying on me Google maps! When I've walked by I place it wants me to review 'my visit". Fuck off Google.

Used to play mom and daughter at larp with a friend - a priestess (her) and her daughter (me) who'd been brainwashed by cultists (in game, damn u cultists!). Lots of great situations!

Her: What're you doing with that knife?!
Me: What knife?
H: the one you're hiding behind your back!
M: Oh that knife? That's for uhm.. Orcs!
H: What did I tell you about sacrificing people?!
M: That I should...?
H: No!!

Hello makers of - here's a free fantasy map symbols font that swam across my twitter stream
I haven't tested it, but it might be useful maybe.

GUYS! I've sort of made a website for my text adventure!
I'll keep you posted. For now, check out MY ADVENTURES IN CYBERSPACE:

Was kinda ill last night and I'm still kind of groggy today. Like I can't really wake up or I'm trap under glass.

It's tough because it's the same feeling when I'm down/when I was having a depression. So I have an urge to push myself to do something and not just relaxing.
Just need to remember that its okay and just have to relax then it'll be better.

Writing on the text adventure again while listening to tapletopaudio. ✏️

I love Grace and Frankie. It's a great show. And I totally see myself and my best friend when we get old. Me being Frankie obviously.