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New website means new links. The first two chapters of Mike Williams – a courtroom drama in space (about 600 character each) can be found here:

Chapter 1: Not a normal day:

Chapter 2: Not a familiar face:

I've made a new user on the new planet, but I'm not ready to leave this yet.
ARgh new places and interfaces I don't know. And all my toots.

Mooorning ^.^
I'm back at the office after a looong and exciting week coordinating a visit from 40 Japanese people.
They were so nice and polite and I'm glad it all went well.

I love my hairdresser. She's so awesome. She got short dark hair, tattoos and pierced nose. She's been my hair dresser since I was a kid and she knows my whimsical hair.
Can't wait to get a new hair cut next week 😍

Breath of the wild 

Day 2 of Japanese student visit and I'm soooo tired. I've been at work for 12+ hours but luckily I have a day off tomorrow before the last to days of the visit.
Today was the hardest day to organize, because the group was divided in three, but everything went well and I solved everything that came along.
Nanna-San will get some well earned sleep.

First night with Japanese students is over.
It's hours past my bedtime and I'm gonna be up early tomorrow for a very long work day again.
But the Japanese are nice and they call me Nanna San.

Today I turned 30 😊 it has been a very good day =)

Hi, I'm Nuhn, and I like Dr. Who. :tardis: weeeeeooooo

The upside of doing this big job that I get anxious about and not like doing at all is, that I realized how much I enjoy the other kind of jobs.

I've just been addressed as "[My name] san" in a business mail by a man from Japan and somehow it makes me very happy.

Coffee is ready, now it's time to make some subtitles :D

Everytime I see @SunDancer s avatar, my head think it's time for coffee.
I will make coffee.

Good morning!
I'm having a business morning meeting with myself. Trying to clear what tasks are important and what tasks needs to be done later.
I'm trying to be better at planning my time and following my own strategies and goals.

Happy capslock 

Wargh! I'm so busy. Oh it's good :D
I remember when I began as self-employed (less than a year ago!) and spend a lot of time looking for jobs to apply for.
Now I have to say no to some :O

🎶 Proof reading. I'm doing proof reading. The woman who wrote this doesn't know how to use comma.
Let's rephrase this so it makes more seeeeense. Prooof reaaadiiiing! 🎶

Scarf is part of me now. I'm a scarf cyborg. Also, I will drink tea.
(My throat is hurting).

Success! I made it! My site is ready and online - pheww.... Now I can start selling tickets to my workshop.

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