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New website means new links. The first two chapters of Mike Williams – a courtroom drama in space (about 600 character each) can be found here:

Chapter 1: Not a normal day:

Chapter 2: Not a familiar face:

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When someone on mastodon gives the best advice <3

I really should write the final chapter of Mike Williams and get a closure on that series.

A thing I've learned since getting a desk a long way from home: Driving on the highway makes me really tired.

Another insanely hot day. Luckily I'll be stuck in the car with ac for a while.

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It's disgustingly hot. Neither me or my house is built for warm weather.

Yay, added costumers testimonials to my website :D

I like to do things myself, and I'm happy I've made my website myself. And those tricky things I can't do, lovely SO can help me with (because he's smart!)

My brain is seriously headed straight towards vacation.
No, brain, we are not done yet. Let's work some more.

Baaaack in the game. Today I'm writing on some blog post, so I have a huge stack prepared for when I launch the blog part of my business.

My dad: I don't care how important you think that boy is! You're a teenager! Next year you're probably not friends anymore and have forgotten all about each other!

14 years later and my kid wears hand me down clothing from his kid. Suck it, dad.

Also, don't belittle others feelings just because they are teenagers and all over the place.

I really hope the after game of this migraine is gone tomorrow. Haven't been able to do stuff today....

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This is Croco, he looks sweet and he is!

Just watched Anon and I agree with this conclusion about it:
Lacking enough depth to fulfill its evident ambitions or enough excitement to work as a sci-fi action thriller, Anon lives down to its title in the most glumly predictable ways.

Again a movie where the lack of female characters is screaming to me, and is made obvious if you imagine the genders switching place.

We bought a new bed today! One where there's actually space for two adults! Can't wait for it to arrive next month. :D

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I had to take another way home and it took almost two hours instead of 40-60 minutes.
So tired.

My business cards have arrived and they are awesome.
Totally American Psycho scene.

So many unforseen obstacles while making dinner. My blood sugar is killing me, I can't think or focus. I. I'm gonna sit down now.

A duck just walked into this café I'm working in.

Today I made a 50 min drive to say hi to my friend for 45 min in his break, and leaving some of my flyers at his workplace.
And then I headed towards a town with a café with a view over the water. So I'm having lunch here and working a bit.
Today's office is not that bad ;)

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