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New website means new links. The first two chapters of Mike Williams – a courtroom drama in space (about 600 character each) can be found here:

Chapter 1: Not a normal day:

Chapter 2: Not a familiar face:

Supporting myself by making a list of things I've actually done today. 

I. Am so. Tired.
I have a hard time getting any work done today.

I have one of those days where I can't seem to find the right words at all.
And I'm writing some texts for FB to promote a reception for the Game Factory, and everything I type is just rubbish.

You know those days?

Good morning nice people.
I'm watching some TV and drinking coffee, two days in a row with afternoon and evening work has made me really tired.

I wonder if I can get this very red lipstick off again....

Working night again. Happy that I don't tomorrow. Then I can actually be with kid after he gets home from daycare. :)

I like to make presentations and talks. I want to do this more. I want this to be part of my job.
And I'm good at it too.

I dids it! I dids it good! People was happy and the room was full of people. Yay!

Argh there are actual people showing up to hear me speak about Canva. Real adult people. Deep breath and relax.

Twenty people has signed up to come hear me talk tonight.
Exciting! Hashtag self employed.

I'm making a small guide to Canva in Canva to hand out at a intro course to Canva.

Can't believe it's two years since I joined tootplanet :tootplanet:

I watched Good Omens recently and to be frank, I'm a little smitten! So here's an entire page full of Aziraphales showing various degrees of concern 😇
#mastoart #art #doodle #sketch #traditionalart #creativetoots #goodomens #fanart

This workday is going way too fast!
I'm preparing for my thing tomorrow (so far 18 ppl has signed up to hear me talk about Canva *nervous smiley*).

hey people! i need help finding recs for a thing!

i need some semi-fashionable but comfy red boots. lower than knee-high, but can be between ankle and knee.
minimal heel height, no point-heel/stiletto shenanigans. needs to go up to a us women's size 11 preferably?
(i know sizing is tricky but that's what i usually am)

please and thank you! :boost_ok:

The Cursed One has an official first trailer (and now a YouTube channel!).
Take a look at my game:

The movie was just as I had predicted. A light, romantic Christmas feel good movie.
Perfect movie date ❤️💕

For once, we've arranged babysitting and is heading to the movies just the two of us. Mainly because we found a movie we want to see that shows in the afternoon, and partly because it's cinema day and the tickets are cheap 😂

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