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New website means new links. The first two chapters of Mike Williams – a courtroom drama in space (about 600 character each) can be found here:

Chapter 1: Not a normal day:

Chapter 2: Not a familiar face:

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I'm working afternoon/night today so spend the first part of the day relaxing to gain energy for later.
So nice to just lay back and watch TV.

Another hidden gem of @Krita is the reference image tool which allows to pin reference images on canvas. It also comes in handy when you are painting on a big canvas and want to refer to other parts of the canvas, just select the portion you want to refer and then copy merged - ctrl + shift + C and then paste the copied part as reference - ctrl + shift + R, done no more panning here and there #tips #krita #hiddengems #feature

Goodnight lovely beasts. I will read this fantasy book before sleeping. It has a dragon in the cover so it must be good.
I love dragons.

What real world period should I base my Epic Fantasy About Cooperative Action on? (Round 3, Final Round, Finale)

Stone age and Iron age both got two votes out of fourteen, so now it's down to a 1v1 between Bronze Age (the underdog and newest contender, can it take the lead from..) and Viking Age (in the lead from the start, a popular and strong contender, with a hidden risk of disappointment, because what are vikings in a world without boats?)

Ground floor is taking shape. I can't get over how cute this is!

I was actually kind of mind blown when I realized that not everyone is always planning in their head; the day, the week the future.
I'm constantly planning, trying to work things out ahead, remembering.
No wonder I get stressed out.

Me: I didn't even do a lot today...

Makes list of things I did.

Me: Okay I did a lot today.

I want this band at my wedding.
TAKE MY MONEY! I don't need a dress!
(Danish Medieval Folk Band)

Argh I wanna plan the wedding.

No, Nuhn, WORK!

When you have to work but end up checking prices for a medieval folk band for your dream wedding and then move on to checking facilities at and old manor.....

Oh no. I spend the night looking at houses. Again.

Today I made the first soup of the season. It's been a more cold and windy weather today so it was fitting. And it made toddler eat some vegetables so YAY! (also it tasted good, yum yum yum).

Hi, tired mom waiting for toddler to stop throwing his things out of bed, checking in.

Bonus info: In the game, the flames (candles and fire place) are animated and moves :blobaww:

I made this dining hall in the game tonight :D (it's a birthday present for my cousin where he is the PC).

It is so cute!!!

When I talk to my dad about my business he is always telling me what to do.
"You need to this and that."
And almost every time I'm like.
"I know. I have planned to do that."

First, don't tell me what to do, this is my business. Make suggestions.

Second. Everything you tell me is something that I know and have planned to do because of course I should do that.

😑 I just smile, nods and say, yes of course I know that and have planned to that.

Yay. Just decided to invite my grandparents for a short visit this afternoon. 😊

Considering just releasing the first part of my game (about 30 min of speedrun gametime) for free and then just make a ko-fi.

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