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New website means new links. The first two chapters of Mike Williams – a courtroom drama in space (about 600 character each) can be found here:

Chapter 1: Not a normal day:

Chapter 2: Not a familiar face:

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When someone on mastodon gives the best advice <3

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messy painting for a friend's bday of his chimera!


My kid is 1,5 years old today 😍 momma's big boy.

I've even made an excel table to track where and what sound levels I have fixed.

I've made a promo pic for my fic! Made this one for my Instagram stories.

OMG testing sound levels is the worst bug fixing ever. *mentally throws up*

@vicorva omg omg omg just watched your unboxing video (without sound because trying to get toddler to sleep as well). It looks amazing and awesome and I'm so excited for you! And me as a reader :D

I keep finding minor bugs in my game, and I'm like 'noooo! I only discovered you by accident, there shouldn't be any bugs left argh!'.
So close to beta testing.

I love that I can call my dad any time and he's up to hear some star wars gossip. But I love even more that he already knows it.

Oh my God! Maroon 5 and girl like you has been stuck in my stupid head all day for some reason. Yeah yeah yeah.

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I want to ha r another kid in like 2.5 years from now. Plenty of time you might think but...
I want to move into a house before having another kid. And it would be practical to be married before buying a house together.
And I've just started my own business and need to build that up from the ground....
Ah well, you can't schedule life!

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From a vacation to Rhodes in 2016. Original colors directly from camera.

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@InspectorCaracal Cal is definitely the NPC with most dialogue in the demo. And the library has become so nice!

Tonight's gamedev has been a lot of Cal dialogue and adding story progress variables.
cc @InspectorCaracal

I my late teens I had a friend who was always over the top, flipping his hair in the wind, so funny and extremely likeable.
A group of friends was in town and as he looked at an Extreme Hawaiin Shirt With Colors Screaming In Your Face, I told him: No, that's hideous!
He bought several and began wearing them to school and became known as That guy with the colorful hawaiin shirts.

Oh I just go the idea to use polls as part of my presentation, where people can vote on their phones and watch the result on the monitor.

After 15 degrees and being able to wear t-shirts in the garden, the weather is now changing.
Me: There will be a chance of snow later this week!
Him: I really think that GoT is going overkill on their marketing.

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