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Sooo... Haven't been here in a while but I've just started playing tribal wars again...

If you want to join with a village near me here's an invite:

The only times I'm not late is if I've come straight from somewhere I've left early

She just wants to take part in there lessons but the other necromancers aren't being very friendly...

Vicorva's streaming for her Kickstarter right now! She's trying to make friends with some necromancers in Skyrim 😁

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I'll be livestreaming a Necromancer Field Trip in Skyrim in about an hour at 6pm GMT (1pm ET/10am PST) at

This is in support of the kickstarter to publish my novel BOOKS & BONE and to chat to backers, but all are welcome.

It should be a fun hour out to study necromancers in their natural habitat!

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Black magic, secret libraries, and small town charm in a city of the dead. A necromancer’s daughter stands against family and friends to defend a young historian from the world above.

BOOKS AND BONE is a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy currently looking for backers on .

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of so many people it's closer to becoming real, but I could still really use your help if you wouldn't mind taking a look.

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Concept: army camo but the greens and browns are all made up of cute pictures. I think parrots could work well

So, does anyone want to talk about ?

I love how you can play in so many different ways. What kind of Minecraft style do you play?

I really like automation in vanilla survival. Also, I'm a pretty qualified nether portal technician...

We've formed a cartography guild on my Minecraft server. It's pretty cute

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GoFundMe, please consider helping my friend? Show more

Does anybody out there study dead programming languages with the same academic enthusiasm as people who study dead spoken languages?

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These are probably my most successful house plants, each taken as a single leaf found on the floor at various garden centres well over three years ago! I water them like three times a year and they are still thriving! 🌱

Should I study (as planned) or Minecraft (as God intended)?

We live in a binary planetary system and everyone knows it

Been enjoying some moon weather today. Warm in the sun, cold in the shade, virtually nonexistent atmosphere

food (a recipe), also a waste of your time Show more

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Hello friends.

It's my birthday tomorrow.

If you'd like to get me something -- please make somebody laugh, or play with a cat, or put some change in a charity tin, or pick up some trash, that kind of thing. Make the world around you just a little better.

Thank you, I love you.

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