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Hey planet! I'm on my way home from a very cool course on approaching galleries, by the curators of Impressions gallery in Bradford, UK.

Been on the go since 4am and this leg back home won't finish until about 11. :( 2.5 hours to go, maybe.

It's been a string of cancellations and panicked rejigging of travel plans which make me realise the UK transport infrastructure is crumbling, but the course made it worth it. :)

There's another one in August. I might get a hotel and just drive down.

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Like non-evil Vampires and Werewolves but not a romance fan? I have your back!

A vampire hunter's life becomes complicated when he begins to realise his prey aren't always the monsters he's been taught.

It also has werewolves and they aren't monsters either.

Full blurb and links to various places you can buy it here:

Crikey. I can’t handle the heat and it’s only flaming April. It nearly hit 27 degrees C here earlier. Thankfully cooling off slightly as the sea breeze picks up.

I’m not built for sunshine. =(

Slightly burnt, slightly wonky scone. But I made it, and it's so tasty. Struggling to leave some for Rachel when she gets home :)

For my birthday just over a year ago, my wife and daughter got me two cherry trees to plant in the of our new house. It meant a lot to me because we'd always rented and struggled and been unable to do much with our gardens as a result, until we finally got this place (at the age of flippin' 46) about 18 months ago.

I was a bit sad by autumn because they did not look well and I thought they might not survive the winter.

For my birthday at the end of March this year, they did this :)

If you're in the slightest interested in then set aside around 15 mins and enjoy this.

WARNING: the titles at either end have unnecessarily fast strobing effects. If you're sensitive to that, start at 23 seconds in and stop at the credits.

Just sitting outside in my sun trap of a garden. It's pretty chilly in the wind beyond my fence but I'm sitting in 20 degrees C.

I finally feel like I'm thawing out.

Also, so happy to be being buzzed by big fluffy bumble bees. And that's coming from someone who is extremely buzzyphobic.

I've waited 13+ years for this. The timing was impeccable if I do say so myself.

Me: You know they took the word "gullible" out of the dictionary last week.

My Kid: What? Why?!... Ohhhhh...

/Already doing victory dance

It's quite difficult if you're classed as an "emerging artist", which I'm now described as ( how cool is that? :) ), AND you happen to be an old fart ( which I suspect I'm also described as ).

So much funding in the arts is age restricted. While I understand the thinking, the truth is that any artist at this stage needs help. Arbitrary age restrictions aren't helpful to anyone.

Doubly frustrating, because when I was younger, there was no funding available if you weren't already established.

Phew, just finished applying for a Visual Arts Practitioner funding / grant / kinda residency thing. Deadline tmw. =/

It's not far from me, and the residency is only a couple of weeks but there's a lot more to it than that. Funding, mentoring etc. for a year as far as I can see.

I fully DON'T expect to hear back from them, but this is a big step regardless. I'm starting a new regime of regularly applying for this kind of thing. Fire and forget, so that I don't get too hung up on any one thing.

Quite brilliant piece on .

Absolutely spot on. I battle with this regularly, especially with things that are new to me or I haven’t done in a long while. The first couple of times I wrote and delivered a talk it was like I was wrestling with my inner - furious - toddler.

Hey folks. Been a few days. Been chilling with my wife (who's on holiday) and slowly getting work done this week.

The Kid's school hols start tomorrow as well so I'm pretty much in slow motion mode until they finish.

Trying not to lose momentum, but I really really need a rest so... Holiday!

Scary stuff. My first ever print sales site is up. Still a few things to do to it but it's workable for now.

It was a priority this week because my work is going to get seen by a largeish number of people next month.

I've been kicking myself lately because it turns out thousands of folk have seen my bridges and Clootie Wells blogs, much to my shock.

Had I had this in place then, then even 0.5 percent of that audience buying a print would have meant I could afford some much needed new kit :(

Hey folks. Recorded first episode of a new podcast with my creative friend, Cat, today. Going to be about having a creative practice in it's broadest sense. Primarily interviewing artists and creatives locally but the idea is to go further afield too.

Trouble is, we need to get started somewhere... so we started with me because I just had an exhibition. Cat's idea not mine. I felt /really/ exposed. I guess I need that perspective in order to interview others though. =\


A blank wall where once there was a series of images. Feeling weirdly profoundly sad that it's over despite the, at times, high levels of stress experienced in the run up and during.

It was well worth it and I feel like I've made some lifelong friends through doing it. It was a big stepping stone towards where I want to be.

Tomorrow I start swinging my other leg towards the next stepping stone ;)

Morning folks! Just got to rehearse and tweak my talk toda... Crikey, I just remembered Sekiro is unlocked and waiting for me to play!

Hmmm. Quandary.

Evening planeteers!

I've been trying to force myself to write a talk today. Think I've managed. Delivering it on Sunday and invigilating on Saturday so I've only got tomorrow to tweak it and rehearse it. =\

Then the exhibition comes down on Monday. It's been such a quick month.

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